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Certain Angry Birds games go free for a limited time on Windows Phone 8

If you’re an Angry Birds fan and have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone then there is some good news for you. Rovio has made some of the Angry Birds titles free on the Windows Phone Store for a limited time.


Only 1080p WP handsets will get third Live Tile column in the Start menu

Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update yesterday and many got excited over the news for the addition of a third column of Live Tiles on the Start screen. As it turns out, however, the third column will only be available for Windows Phone devices packing a display of full HD resolution.


Microsoft Wants Android HTC Smartphones To Dual-Boot Into Windows Phone

Android HTC to DualBoot into Windows Phone

Microsoft is desperate to save Windows Phone OS as more smartphone and tablet producers are opting for Android OS. The negotiations started between Microsoft and the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, with the proposal of introducing Windows Phone OS as a second mobile operating system for the Android based smartphones and tablets released by HTC. They even […]


Windows Phone 8 devices now able to update offline maps to latest version

Windows Phone 8 devices have the ability to save maps for offline viewing, but until now when a map has been updated you’d need to delete the stored one and re-download. Source


Skype will no longer update its Windows Phone 7 app, will concentrate on Windows Phone 8 instead

Skype, a Microsoft owned company, has officially announced that the popular instant messenger will no longer support its Windows Phone 7 app with regular updates and will instead concentrate on developing its app on the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system.


Google blocks Windows Phone 8 YouTube app, Microsoft claims reasons are ‘manufactured’

It was just a couple of days ago that we reported that the YouTube client for Windows Phone 8 developed by Microsoft was back on the Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, that app is no longer usable because Google has remotely blocked access through it.


Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 back on the store

You may remember Microsoft recently updated the YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 and made it into a proper app and not just a bookmark for launching the mobile version before. Then Google got upset because the app didn’t include ads and asked Microsoft to remove the app, which the latter complied with.


Skype for Windows Phone 8 updated with an improved home screen

Skype, the popular instant messenger, has updated its Windows Phone 8 application and the latest version now comes with few new features and tweaks to improve its performance.