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‘Moto G Cinema’ name appears on Motorola’s site


Yet another leak for @evleaks shows that not only did the Moto X+1 appear on the Motorola site, but now it seems Motorola have yet another product in the works, and it seems to be an evolution of the Moto G.

Dubbed the Moto G Cinema, the reference appeared on Motorola’s support site, appearing as a placeholder for upcoming information. Unfortunately no offer information was specified, other than it seems a product of that sort exists.


Whilst details are limited, it can be assumed the ‘Cinema’ naming for the Moto G does suggest a device with a larger screen aimed at viewing videos, but that’s pure speculation at this point.

SOURCE: @evleaks

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Motorola “Moto G” Trademark Revealed. It’s Anyone’s Guess As To What It Could Be.


Moto G Trademark Name

Recent discoveries of what appears to be a trademark filed by Motorola for the name “Moto G” have provoked bloggers to be up in a roar as to what the perplexing device could be. The name Moto G should come as no surprise to us as it’s been floating around the blogosphere for quite some time. And though the description of the device is, as expected, extremely broad, the device could easily be a smartphone, smart watch or some other high-end accessory. The speculation can honestly go on and on. And though we know something from Motorola is definitely in the works, we’ll just have to be patient like we always are in this industry to see what’s produced.

If you think you may know what the device is, feel free to offer up your suggestions below in the comments. And as always, as new news trickles down the pipeline you’ll be the first to know about it.

source: Phandroid

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