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Chifro Kids Coloring Game – +101

Color Recognition is a threestep process Matching identifying and naming colors. Chifro Kids Coloring Game improves colorrecognition skills through a medley of interactivities based on these steps. The core objective of this androidbased application is to improve fine motorskills and increase visualspatial awareness.The application is targeted towards kids falling between the agegroup 26 years.The application has Four interactivities o Color To introduce basic colors of nature o Quiz To identify conclude and relate colors o Color Book To infuse creativity with colorrecognition in a tactile manner o Balloon Game To infuse knowledge and fun through a game Scintillating interface with catchy colors and animations Usage of phonics through crisp and instructional audio Positive ambience through enlivening music Jawdropping sound effectsConcept Children are introduced to colors through multiple interesting interactivities. Standalone introduction is not a feature since evaluation is also undertaken. Learning at the grassrootlevel is incorporated while keeping in mind the thought process of a child.