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Google Calendar gets some color in a new update


Google Calendar app just got some much requested functions. After you update your Google Calendar app you’re going to be able to customize events and add some color to your calendar directly from your smartphone.

Google has redesigned time and date pickers which should make adding that special event in your calendar even easier and more pleasant to do. Along with redesigning the event scheduling, the application now allows you to mark your meetings with different colors which should help organizing different stuff in your calendar much more enjoyable and quite frankly more productive.
Google Calendar update_colordatetimeIt’s also easier to schedule repeating events in this version of Google Calendar. You can now set repeating events any day of the week, month, or every x number of weeks, it’s completely up to you, Timezone picker has also been redesigned in order to make it easier to find the region you’re looking for.
Google Calendar update_timezonerecurrenceThis update is available for all android 4.0.3 devices and above. You might not be able to install it immediately but it will become available soon on Google Play

SOURCE: Android Blogspot

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Google Search adds NBA video recaps, more leagues to join in the future


If you activate Google Search right now and cue any NBA team actively in the playoffs, you are going to get a ton of information. The newest addition is a video recap that links directly to YouTube. If you are on a mobile device, the YouTube app will automatically open. Elsewhere, an embedded video will play rather than opening a new link or tab.

Google is currently working on adding other professional sports leagues for future video recaps.

Source: +Google

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Android 4.4.3 KitKat Update Offers Us More Information About Nexus 8

The Android 4.4.3 KitKat update changelog has been leaked and it brings evidence about two Google devices codenamed Molly and Flounder. It seems like Flounder is the next Google Nexus 8 that we’ve been talking about lately. Thanks to Myce, we have information about Flounder and the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update. The update should start […]


Android Central 184: Londoners in Paris

We’ve got the new Huawei Ascend P7 in the house. Andrew’s still giving the OnePlus One the what-for. And we’re chomping at the bit to see new stuff from LG and, eventually, Motorola.

Thing 1: New Nexus inbound

Thing 2: Google Play Services gives a peek at what’s ahead

Thing 3: Huawei in Paris

Other stuff


New Nexus tablet shows up on a Chromium tracker?

Nexus 8 Chromium issue tracker

Rumors regarding Google’s new Nexus tablet are all over the place. The rumors were initially pointing at LG as the manufacturer of the device and afterwards that spot was taken by HTC. Most rumors point to the fact that the device’s name will be Nexus 8 and that the screen will be somewhat larger than the current gen Nexus tablet, that is 7.9 or 8.9″, we’re heard it both ways. Nothing is set it stone, but this is our guess.

In some new developments regarding the new offering from Google, Myce speculates that the tablet has been mentioned in a Chromium issue tracker report. Codename of the device is “Flounder”, which is an oceanic fish. What makes Myce think this is a new Nexus device is the fact that Google named all of its previous Nexus offerings by a fish, their codenames that is. We can also find a word “fingerprint” in the report, which is probably a fingerprint scanner, but the context is unclear.

Nexus 8 Chromium issue tracker_1

Along with the new tablet Google is probably going to release a new version of Android, version 4.5, which is also a speculation at this point, they still might surprise everyone and make that jump to version 5.0.

Do you think this leak is a new Nexus tablet? What do you think it will be called and who will manufacture it?


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Chrome Remote Desktop: An answer to your desktop access needs


Google has released an innovative new app that allows you to access your PC or Mac from your mobile device. This app is absolutely free and is accessible over WiFi, LTE, and 3G. It runs buttery smooth on a solid connection so 3G is not suggested unless you desperately need to send that important file you forgot to yourself.

Google has made it very simple to set up. If you already have Google Chrome for desktop all you need is to download the app for Chrome and then download the app for Android or iPhone.

Google has also hit all areas with this handy app making it available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. When you have finished the required downloads the app on your PC or MAC will ask some basic questions so that you can allow access to your mobile devices. Once you have gone through the set up and created your pin your PC will show up on the mobile app.

Google has really covered almost all bases with this app the only back draw to it is there is no way to disable the keyboard and mouse while you access. This is inconvenient in a work environment allowing other users to access your machine while you’re away and or seeing what you’re seeing. It is suggested to use a tablet and a mobile keyboard with trackpad. All in all though I give this is a very good app, allowing you to access any set up computer for free and fluidly, and we suggest you check it out.

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Google posts Google Glass filmed “Seeds” video for Mother’s Day

google_glass_seedsMother’s Day is coming up in just a few days, and Google is celebrating my posting a video celebrating mothers. Grab the tissues as you watch “Seeds,” shot entirely through Google Glass by students of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts for the Glass Creative Collective. The short film shows a son’s journey to his mother, but we don’t want to give too much away, so check out the video after the break.

Source: 9to5 Google

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Google Wallet update adds multi-account support


Google has recently pushed an update to its Wallet app allowing users to use multiple Google accounts on Wallet.  No major changes to the user interface have happened except for a new, “Cards and Accounts” which has been added to the slide out menu.

In order to change to a different account, just pull to the left and select the account you would like to access.  Once selected, enter your pin for the account and voila! You can now send money to all your friends from a different account.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Fresh Deck Poker – +101

Fresh Deck Poker is a play money poker game and is available for free on the Google Play and Apple app storeshttpsplay.google.comstoreappsdetails?idcom.idlegames.eldoradohttpsitunes.apple.comappfreshdeckpokerid5363816622 key differentiators of Fresh Deck Poker1) Fresh Deck Poker was designed by the developers at Idle Games who largely come from a background of real money poker sites. Fresh Deck Poker carries the same framework as real money poker sites including being the only free poker game to have its random number generator certified by a 3rd party as all real money poker sites have to.2) The graphic design and user experience of Fresh Deck Poker has helped them become the top rated poker app on the Google Play store.


Android Central 181: Fix yer stuff!!!

OK, folks. Our Galaxy S5 review is out the door, and it’s time to end the week with a little fun. Google’s released a compelling new camera application. Chrome Remote Desktop means more working from home. And, of course, we answer your questions, live, on the air, in living color.