Snapchat lets you share your location with Snap Map

Snapchat has just added a new feature called Snap Maps that lets you keep track of what your friends are doing, viewing and sharing Stories even if they are half a world away. In addition, you can also share your own location with friends so they can see which milkshake joint you are at. Snap Maps also […]

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Google Glass on the comeback? The wearable gets its first update in three years

In 2014 we were on the verge of a hardware revolution! Wearables were the hot new thing and everyone was convinced that this new technology would completely change how we lived our lives. Then we actually got to play with them and interest fizzled. People are still wearing smartwatches, but all of those sweet headsets […]


You can snag the LG V20 for only $400 in the US if you hurry

If you’re about to buy a new smartphone, stop and pay attention. One of the best phones on the market today just went on sale. The LG V20 can currently be had for only $400 on Daily Steals. This matches the now expired deal that B&H offered last week and represents one of the best […]


Check out this Samsung Galaxy S8 clone with a dual-camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous device, but unfortunately, it costs a truckload of money. Naturally, this has created an opportunity for Chinese device makers which are now racing to offer affordable Galaxy S8 alternatives. For example, obscure device maker Leagoo is gearing up to offer a new handset which according to teasers bears […]


How to Take Screenshots on HTC U11

Taking a screenshot on Android is one of the easiest things that you can do. However, if you are new to the Android platform, or if you are switching from one OEM to another, then you might have hard times when trying to screen capture certain images or situations. Well, that’s why I am here […]


How to Unlock the Motorola Moto X Play XT1562 Bootloader

The Moto X Play can be easily tweaked as there are different custom operations already available for your phone. However, if during the latest updates and OS improvements the root access got revoked or the Android system got locked once more, it’s time to re-apply all the tweaking operations. But, if the old processes aren’t […]


341: OnePlus 5 review

This week, Daniel, Andrew, Alex and special guest Michael Fisher (MrMobile) talk about one thing — the OnePlus 5. From design to performance to whether the dual camera lives up to expectations, join them as they run through one of the most anticipated phones of the year.

If you’re on the fence about getting a OnePlus 5, this is a must-listen!


Deal: Grab the Xiaomi Mi IV Earbuds for under $15 with free shipping during this sale

Xiaomi is a name you probably recognize. It’s one of the biggest and fastest growing smartphone makers in the world right now, but they make more than just phones. In March we spent some time with the Mi Over the Ear Headphones and were crazy impressed with them. They punch well above their price-point and […]


Get your zen on for International Yoga Day with Google Assistant

Be one with Google Assistant. Let Google Assistant be one with you. A bunch of abilities were added to Google’s digital assistant for International Yoga Day. The following commands are possible: “Add yoga mat to my shopping list” “What’s a downward-facing dog pose?” “Dim the lights” “How did yoga start?” “Find yoga classes near me” […]

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No differences exist between the displays on the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T

OnePlus isn’t lying when it says “specifications don’t matter.” The display is one of the most important areas for a phone, but OnePlus didn’t bother making any improvements from last year. Rolan Quandt, a mobile industry insider who has a proven track record, revealed that the OnePlus 5 announced this week and the OnePlus 3T […]

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