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Wikipedia Black-out Day Against SOPA & PIPA

If you try to visit Wikipedia tomorrow (January 18, 2012), you will get a black-out. They are not alone: Boing Boing, Reddit, Google and others in a NetCoalition are joining in a protest against the two bills pending in Congress currently against online piracy: SOPA (HR 3261) and PIPA (S968). Check their home pages for various forms of protest.

The website (not the .org one!) has a lot of useful information on the bills if you need to do research on this area.

Here is a nice thumbnail of the opposition to SOPA and PIPA, though you can find a LOT more out there on the net. Briefly, there is concern that the provisions are vague, allow far more over-reaching by copyright holders than the current DMCA, so that they could do take down notices to web providers, but with lots more power behind it. For instance, SOPA provides that if a web host does not immediately blacklist an accused poster on their service, the web host would then have to fight along with the poster. According to Google, more than 50% of the take-down notices it has received under the DMCA have been by businesses out to drive out competitors, rather than really about copyright issues. This is liable to be just as true in the future. Copyright take down notices are being used as an anti-competitive tool to prevent existing web businesses from having to compete against new start-ups who want to provide either a new service or better service.

Here is a terrific, detailed review of the SOPA bill by a copyright lawyer, Mona Ibrahim, and an update reviewing the amendments.

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Motorola rolls out ICS update to Xoom Wi-Fi owners in the USA

Motorola has started rolling out an OTA Ice Cream Sandwich software update to its Xoom Wi-Fi tablet but sadly only users in the US can take advantage so far.

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Quad-Core HTC Edge Gets Name Change

The leaks are beginning to go from a trickle to a pour from HTC as we approach Mobile World Congress. We previously mentioned something about a little quad-core-powered monster called the HTC Edge, but the gang at PocketNow stumbled upon some additional information about the device. In what is an unusual move to say the […]

More: continued here

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Businessweek News – +101

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Finally the Idea Network is Up and running.

After 3 and half hours the Idea network is up and running. Thanks to the Idea Team ;)


Apple unveils its … iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs lifts the veil on the iPad, a “magical” tablet-like device that starts at $499 and will begin shipping in two months. For more updates, follow @cnntech on Twitter or read complete coverage on CNNMoney.


With Apple tablet, will size matter?

Tech journalist Nicholas Deleon wonders how the size of Apple’s new tablet device will affect its success or failure in the marketplace.


Facebook ‘unnamed app’ bug is fixed

Word of a Facebook bug spread on the social networking site Wednesday before the “unnamed app,” which officials say wasn’t harmful, was fixed.


iPad name draws feminine hygiene jokes

Punch lines about hygiene products flooded the blogosphere on Wednesday only moments after Apple Inc. announced it would call its new touch-screen computer the “iPad.”


New rule for truckers: No texting

Drivers of commercial trucks and buses will be prohibited from texting under federal guidelines that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today.