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World’s talest woman

Yao Defen                                           

Yao Defen Belongs to China.

She is 7 feet 8 inches(233cms) long.

She is having a disorder in her pituitary gland.


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World’s Talest Man

World’s Talest Man 

Sultan Kosen recorded by guinnes world 

record as the living Talest man on earth

on 8th feb 2011.

He is 251cms long (8 ft 3 inch)

Sultan Kosen is from Anara, Turkey.

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Smartest Dog Breed

 Border Collie

       Border Collie is the smartest dog breed on earth.             

       This dog breed have the quality of herding.

       As due to the high intelligence and smartness  this dog helps                  the human in better way.        



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World’s Fastest MAN



Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth.  


Usain Bolt represents Jamaica.

He completed 100m sprint in just 9.58 sec

on 16th of august 2009

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Worlds Fastest Car



Bugatti veyron super sport



Top speed: 267mph (429km/h) 

 Bugatti veyron super sport car reaches  0-60km/h in just 2.4 sec.

 It has 8 litre W16 engine producing 1200 hp.

 This car is designed by aeronautics engineers and having the


 lightest body with its aeronautical body design


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Maintaining good health


. Drink enough water..  

Water makes your body fit and removes toxins from your body.

It makes your skin glowing.

. Avoid junk food..

Junk food is the root of all deases. junk food is fast to eat and it does not mixing of enough saliva needed for good dijestion. Junk food makes the body a junk yard. Junk food is just for taste and not for good health.

. Positive thinking..

One should always think positively. As worrying makes no sense as it is not a solution for any problem. Rather it is root of disease. So from today onwards stop worring and start thinking positive in any condition.

. Exercise..

Exercise is good for maintaing good health and body. As said “a healthy mind exists in a healthy body” . light exercise is must for a healthy body.

. Healthy food habits..

Include fibres, proteins and carbohydrates in your food habits. vegitables and fruits makes the body health rich. green vegetables contains iron in them.

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Micromax Canvas4 A210

Operating System

Android Jeallybean 4.3.1





Screen size



Rear Camera

13.0 MP


Front Camera

5.0 MP



1.2 Ghz quadcore






 2000 mAh

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ABC’s are Fun – Kids learning

Give your children the gift of education with the app that makes learning letters a blast – ABC’s are Fun!

I downloaded this app for my 2 year old and she just loves playing with it. The sounds are so real that when ever she plays with it, she starts giggling loud. Fun and laughter on your kids face while learning…. what more you want? I thought that I should share this all who visits my blog.

You can download this app from here
Also watch this ABC Song – ABC’s are fun (educational app for iPad and iPhone )


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Wikipedia Black-out Day Against SOPA & PIPA

If you try to visit Wikipedia tomorrow (January 18, 2012), you will get a black-out. They are not alone: Boing Boing, Reddit, Google and others in a NetCoalition are joining in a protest against the two bills pending in Congress currently against online piracy: SOPA (HR 3261) and PIPA (S968). Check their home pages for various forms of protest.

The website (not the .org one!) has a lot of useful information on the bills if you need to do research on this area.

Here is a nice thumbnail of the opposition to SOPA and PIPA, though you can find a LOT more out there on the net. Briefly, there is concern that the provisions are vague, allow far more over-reaching by copyright holders than the current DMCA, so that they could do take down notices to web providers, but with lots more power behind it. For instance, SOPA provides that if a web host does not immediately blacklist an accused poster on their service, the web host would then have to fight along with the poster. According to Google, more than 50% of the take-down notices it has received under the DMCA have been by businesses out to drive out competitors, rather than really about copyright issues. This is liable to be just as true in the future. Copyright take down notices are being used as an anti-competitive tool to prevent existing web businesses from having to compete against new start-ups who want to provide either a new service or better service.

Here is a terrific, detailed review of the SOPA bill by a copyright lawyer, Mona Ibrahim, and an update reviewing the amendments.