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Check out these great products from Relay Go, Jabra, Creative Labs, Ecoflow, and Funcl

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a treat to yourself, November is a wonderful time to purchase tech gadgets. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a six-week season of shopping make it hard to not spend money.

Before you go off blindly buying something you’ve never heard of just because it’s on sale, do a little homework. Ask around, check reviews, and turn to others for help. That’s where we come in; this is our platform for sharing our opinions on tech and other items worth buying.

Relay Go

Keeping track of your kids is always a bit of struggle. You want to give them the freedom to let them play, but you want to make sure they’re safe. There are options out there like getting a kid’s smartwatch that can track them or giving them an old phone, but most options come with some pretty serious downsides.

That’s where the Relay Go comes into play. Relay Go is best described as a cute walkie-talkie that runs on a mobile network so you can use it pretty much anywhere. The small, puck-like devices have a large button in the middle surrounded by a speaker grill. Pressing the button broadcasts your voice to all of the other devices in your network. We’ve been using two devices so my daughter and I can talk back and forth. But, you can also use the mobile app if you’d like, too. The app also allows you to track where the Relay Go is on a map, which makes locating your kid pretty easy.

I’m pretty impressed at how durable the Relay Go is. It’s made out of a hard plastic-like material that stands up to some abuse. Both our units have been dropped multiple times, including on concrete, and have no noticeable scratches.

The devices connect to both cellular networks and WiFi networks seamlessly so you’ll never have to mess with connection settings. This is truly a setup and go solution. We love how easy it is to get going and communicate with your child. You can grab the Relay Go from the company’s website.

Jabra Elite 65T Active

Jabra is one of the most respected names in audio devices because it simply makes fantastic products for a decent price. We’ve previously taken a look at the Elite 65T, Halo, Eclipse, and more.

Now, the company is back with a new offering, the Elite 65T Active. As you may gather, the truly wireless earbuds are a lot like the Elite 65T, but are more focused on those who want to go hard at the gym.

With a snug fit and an IP56 rating, these are the perfect gym earbuds. You have the ability to completely block out the world or use Jabra’s passthrough technology which allows some of the sound from the outside world through the earbuds. I’ve found the feature really useful when I’m listening to music and someone needs my attention. Now I don’t have to bother with taking my earbuds out and putting them back in when I’m done.

Battery life is another stand out here. The Elite 65T Active are rated for five hours of usage with an extra two charges in the carrying case. The case also features rapid charging with gives you up to 1.5 hours of usage in 15 minutes of charging. I’ve found that I get more like 6 to 6.5 hours of usage at lower volumes, which is class-leading.

If you’d like to pick up the Jabra Elite 65T Active, you can find them at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart (refurbished).

Creative Stage Air

Creative, like Jabra, is a gigantic name in audio. The company is known for its high-quality speakers, DACs, amps and more. Now its hitting the market with a brand new type of speaker, a super budget sound bar.

Sound bars have been gaining popularity in the last few years. No longer do you have to mess with a million long cables and a receiver to get excellent sound from your TV. The Creative Stage Air looks to dominate the budget end of that market.

The Stage Air is small. At only about a foot long and around a pound in weight, it’s super portable. Why would you want a portable soundbar? Well, it has Bluetooth too so you can use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker or connect it to your television through the Aux port. It also has a USB port so you can play MP3s directly from the soundbar from a flash drive. Pretty nifty.


So, how does it sound? Well, you’re not getting going to get amazing audio here, but we do think it punches above its weight. At only $40, this thing is super cheap but provides a decent audio experience.

You’re not going to get deep rumbling bass or a huge sound stage, but you shouldn’t expect that from a $40 soundbar either. We think this is perfect for something like a child’s room, your dorm room, or adding some extra umph to your computer audio setup. You can get the Creative Stage Air at Creative’s website and Amazon.

Ecoflow River Rapid

Battery life in phones still sucks – that’s all there is to it. Sure, there are some standout phones out there that can last all day with heavy use, but most phones just can’t. Between power-hungry processors, high-resolution displays, and demanding games, batteries just can’t keep up.

So, we’re forced to lug around huge heavy batteries or go scurrying for a power outlet any time we can. Or, you can just grab an Ecoflow River Rapid and avoid all that nonsense.

The River Rapid is a super tiny battery that packs in 5,000 mAh. That’s enough juice to charge up almost any phone with a little more left over to top off. There are batteries with more capacity, but none that match the Rapid’s size. It’s just over three inches long, and a hair over an inch long and deep. It’s super small compared to other batteries out there.

And there’s a pretty good reason why Rapid is in its name. It offers two ports- one USB C 18W Power Delivery port and one 18W Quick Charge 3.0 port. This thing will charge up your phone in a snap. It also recharges quickly, supporting up to 12W input as well.

This is my new favorite battery and I take it everywhere when I’m running low on battery life. You can grab one for yourself from Ecoflow’s website.

Funcl W1 Wireless Earbuds

Recently launched on Indiegogo, the Funcl W1 are quality earbuds with an affordable price tag — just $19.

The earbuds pair via Bluetooth 5.0, and feature touch controls, automatic on/off, and IPX5 waterproof and sweat-proof coating.

The Funcl W1 has a 150ms optimized latency which is slower than what you’d get from other, pricier options. The AirPods and Bose SoundSport Free have 100ms, for example, while the Jaybird Run have 60ms reponse.

As far as battery goes, you’ll get 4.5 hours of playtime per charge. The carrying case that comes with the earbuds houses its own battery and can provide a total of 18 hours of listening. Learn more at Indiegogo and purchase yours for $19.


Enable Google Assistant on most Chromebooks

Google Assistant is a huge part of the company’s current portfolio of services. So are Chromebooks. However, for now, the Pixelbook is the only Chromebook with access to Assistant on Chrome OS. Fortunately, the latest Google Canary builds show that a fix for other Chromebooks is around the corner.

What’s it do?

This tweak will allow for older Chromebooks other than the Google Pixelbook to have access to Google Assistant. We do offer a word of advice on the following instructions to always take in account that this requires two things we do not recommend for average users: manual enabling Chrome flags and updating to the Chrome Canary testing channel.

How to turn it on?

Again this is two-fold and we’ll start with changing your Chromebook to the Canary channel.

  • Hit the key combination of CTRL+ALT+T to enter the built-in command line for Chrome OS.
  • Type this command without the quotations: “live_in_a_coal_mine”.
  • Hit “y” for yes when prompted.
  • Once the command completes, open the Settings app.
  • Click hamburger menu in the top left and select “About Chrome OS”.
  • Click “Check for Updates”.
  • Chromebook will then update and ask you to restart.
1 of 4

Welcome to the dark side of Chrome OS and you should now be running the Canary builds.

Part Deuce

Now we are ready for the second step of this tutorial of enabling the Assistant flag in Chrome’s hidden menu.

  • Paste this URL into the browser address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-native-google-assistant
  • Change the setting to “Enabled”.
  • Restart your Chromebook.

You should now have Google Assistant on your Chromebook. Again, we don’t condone some of the steps here for a stable Chrome OS experience. We honestly don’t even know what’s powering this version of Assistant. The Pixelbook is running a modified version of the Android app, but enablement via the flags page suggests this option may be a web variant.


Verizon’s latest is the rugged Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2

Verizon Wireless this week announced the availability of the Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2, a ruggedized smartphone aimed at construction and public safety workers.

Priced $444, or $18.50 per month for 24 months, the phone is housed in a hard rubber exterior and meets the mil-spec 810G rating. In other words, it can withstand drops, shock, vibration, radiation, extreme temperatures, sleet, rain, and high elevations.

Additionally, the DuraForce Pro 2 has an IP68 rating for protection against water; it can withstand submersion in up to five feet of water for up to 30 minutes. According to Kyocera, the phone can be used around harmful vapors without worry of sparking a fire.


Running Android 8.0 Oreo, the phone features a 5-inch HD (1920 x 1080) display protected by scratch-proof Sapphire Shield. Internally we find the DuraForce Pro 2 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. A microSD expansion card slot allows for up to 512GB worth of added space.

The rear has a 13-megapixel camera with wide 135-degree field of view, underwater mode, slow motion, and other options. Around front is a 5-megapixel sensor as well as powerful speakers that produce up to 106dB of sounds.

The DuraForce Pro 2 has four noise-cancelling mics to ensure that push-to-talk (PTT) calls, music, speakerphone, and other audio is well received. Rounding out the hardware is a programmable key for launching select apps as well as a 3,240mAh battery with fast and wireless charging capability. The fingerprint reader is located in the power button on the side of the phone.

The Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 is only available online at Verizon’s website.


Turn older heaters or AC units into a smart home product with Sensibo Sky

The trend toward smart home products is a welcome one in my book. Here at AndroidGuys, we’ve reviewed a ton of products that make things a little easier, like Hunter fans, Deebot robot vacuums, and Nest x Yale smart locks. These products are all designed to be smart right out of the box.

But, if you’re not in the market for something new and just want to make your legacy products smart, there aren’t a ton of options. I had been on the lookout for a new AC system for my ductless master bedroom but man, those prices are staggering.

Then, I came across Sensibo Sky. After a quick chat with Sensibo’s team, I was able to secure a review unit to test out and I’ve been pleasantly surprised ever since.

First off, let’s talk a little bit more about Sensibo Sky actually is and what it’s supposed to do.

The Sky is a little box that picks up on infrared signals. This allows it to simulate those signals and control your AC or heating unit. We have a window AC unit in our bedroom that I tested it on and if you’d like to find out if your system works, you can check out the supported devices list here.

Sensibo also has a first-class app to make your life even easier. It comes in Android, iOS and web flavors and works cross-platform. It makes setting up your Sensibo Sky incredibly easy– I was up and going in less than five minutes.

The app allows you to control your heat or AC system right from your phone. You can set up geofencing areas so your unit kicks on as soon as you enter the area, schedules, and temperature alerts so if the temp drops or rises above a certain limit, it knows to kick on. All in all, the app is fantastic and one of the best parts of this experience.

But, just because there’s an app doesn’t mean you can’t keep using your remote if you’d like. We continued to use the remote at night so we didn’t have to stare at a bright phone screen or talk to Google Assistant at three in the morning when we wanted the air to kick back on.

Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT are all supported out of the box. I am in the habit of talking to Assistant to adjust our Nest thermostat anyway so this was pretty easy for me to pick up. If you’re new to this or have something else, Sensibo has you covered. The open API the company uses allows integration for other platforms like SmartThings. This allows users a ton of flexibility, no matter what platform they’re currently tied to.

Going back to the Sky itself, I am impressed by the device. It doesn’t have the most amazing build quality in the world, but it doesn’t need it. This is a set it and forget it device. The hard plastic is more than enough to get the job done. If you’re moving, take care of the Sky, but in everyday use, it’s completely fine. Although, I do wish I had the white version since all of my walls are white.

And why does that matter? Because you can mount the Sensibo Sky just about anywhere. On the back of the unit you’ll find some adhesive tape you can strip away to mount on the wall. There’s also a hook mount that allows it to set on a hook or nail coming out of your wall.

It receives power through the micro USB port at the bottom of the device. Normally I’d give a company crap for not using USB type C this long after its introduction, but it’s really not needed here. We all have micro USB cables laying around and Sensibo even includes on in the box. And, I really love that it takes cables like this instead of tying up a wall outlet with a big brick. I have a USB power strip next to my bed and can easily just plug right into that. It’s super convenient.

If there’s a negative here, it might be its price. The unit retails for $149 which isn’t a king’s ransom, but I feel is a little high. If you’re able to get it closer to that $100 mark, I feel it’s an instant buy. Luckily for you, Sensibo is running a Black Friday deal where you can pick it up for just $89. You can grab it from Sensibo’s website or Amazon.


Accessorize your Google Home or Echo with holiday deals from Ninety7

While a lot of people will end up with their first smart speaker or digital assistant this winter, many folks already have one. Be it a Google Home, Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo, or Amazon Echo Dot, these devices are routinely found in homes and offices.

If you’ve got one of the aforementioned speakers and want to get even more from it, you might be interested in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from Ninety7. Moreover, you would be wise to consider one of these as an accessory to complement the Amazon or Google gifts you’ll be giving this year.

The following items are a great way to transform your smart speaker from something that’s static and tied to a room into a portable speaker that travels.

We recently had the opportunity to review the JOT (listed below) and really enjoy the experience. Things change quite a bit when you can take the small speaker from one room to another and get eight hours of playback.


Here’s what Ninety7 has in store for us on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Note that the deals listed below will run from November 19 – November 26.


SALE PRICE: $29.95 | Regularly: $34.95

The just-released JOT for Google Home Mini is one of the first portable battery bases available for this popular smart assistant. The device provides rechargeable, cord-free mobility at the user’s fingertips. While small in size, JOT is big on power. JOT features a powerful lithium-ion battery for up to eight hours of unplugged use.


SALE PRICE: $29.95 | Regularly: $49.95

Highly-rated LOFT for Google Home is a portable battery base allowing users to take their Google assistant anywhere in the home this holiday season. LOFT is one of the few portable solutions offered for the Google Home.


SALE PRICE: $29.95 | Regularly: $49.95

Give the Amazon Echo Dot the Gift of Portability and Awesome Sound this Holiday Season with VAUX, the best-selling portable speaker designed specifically for the Dot. Designed to enhance the Dot experience, consumers can now unplug and move Alexa around their home while enjoying increased sound quality.


SALE PRICE: $19.95 | Regularly $39.95 

The Ninety7 DOX is a portable battery for the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot, designed to provide rechargeable, cord-free mobility at home or on-the-go at a great price. With up to 10 hours of cordless use, you can unplug and take Alexa anywhere you choose without the hassle of cables and outlets.


SALE PRICE: $29.95 | Regularly $59.95 

SKY TOTE is a portable battery base accessory for the Amazon Echo 2 that provides cordless freedom, letting you unplug and take Alexa anywhere you choose with the TOTE’s handy handle, portability has never been easier! The powerful, lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows up to 8 unplugged hours of use.


Cut the cord with this $80 long-range Ultra HD TV antenna

If you’re thinking about cutting the cord, you’re not alone. Many people have, and the reasons to get away from traditional cable continue to grow. On the other hand we’ve seen a rise in those who have never even bothered up with signing with a cable provider.

While a lot of us like Hulu, Netflix, and the other streaming players, some still like the local channels for live broadcasts of news, sports, and general programming. Awards shows, season finales, and playoff games are serious business and work best live. If you’re among those aching for the live shows, listen up.

There are options that let you cut the cord, or not have to worry about signing up for cable. In fact, it’s cheap, too. Consider the current offer in the AndroidGuys Deals Store: the ANTOP’s AT-400 4K/Ultra HD TV Antenna.

Priced just $80, it’s all you’ll ever need to spend for your local broadcasts. The AT-400 is a waterproof digital antenna that receives signal from up to 65 miles away. We’re talking high definition 1080p and even Ultra-HD 4K resolution on multiple televisions in your house.

Not to worry, this isn’t one of those bulky, ugly dishes or wonky towers. No, it’s an aesthetically pleasing unit that is less than two feet tall. Mount it on a pole, stick it on the roof, or fashion it somewhere convenient.

AN-400 Features

  • Receive free broadcasted over-the-air HD TV channels & programs
  • Match the signal gain of traditional mechanical antennae w/ none of the bulk
  • Easily install in your home’s interior/exterior
  • Feed multiple TVs w/ a single antenna
  • Supports HDTV, 1080p TV & 4K Ultra HD

The best part of this whole deal is you only pay a one-time fee for the antenna and end up with free TV for life. Get the ANTOP AT-400 4K/Ulta HD TV Antenna for just $79.99 — $50 off the original cost — at the AndroidGuys Deals Store.

Save even more!

In addition to the savings above, when you buy through AndroidGuys Deals, for every $25 spent, you get $1 credit added to your account. What’s more, should you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.

If this is your first time buying, then you are also eligible for a further 10% discount when you subscribe for email updates.

How about a freebie?

Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!


Withings intros water-resistant Pulse HR with 20-day battery

Withings is back. Fresh off of getting out from under the Nokia umbrella, the digital health company is getting back to basics. This week sees the brand adding the Pulse HR to its roster.

A successor to its first-ever tracker, the Withings Pulse, the Pulse HR features a heart rate monitor, connected GPS capabilities, and a 20-day battery.

In an age of smartwatches and wearables with large faces, the Pulse HR is a traditional fitness tracker. It’s a modern take on your early-gen activity trackers and features a black polycarbonate surface with stainless steel casing. The black silicon wristband can be exchange for a different color to complement style and personal preference.


As far as features go, the Pulse HR offers time, date, heart rate, calories, progress towards goals, workout info, and phone notifications. There are more than 30 activities that can be tracked, including boxing, yoga and everything in between; more than 10 of them are automatically tracked.

Water resistant up to 50 meters, the wearable houses a connected GPS so you can pair to a phone and track pace, distance, and elevation. This is perfect for runs and bike rides, especially those that take place in the midst of a downpour.

In terms of phone notifications, the Pulse HR will alert wearers to calls, texts, emails, events, and an array of other apps. Paired via Bluetooth through the Health Mate app, the data can be connected to Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and others.

The Pulse HR is available for pre-order now with shipments expected to start in early December. Pre-order yours for $129.95 on Amazon. Additional wristbands are slated to arrive in January.


OnePlus 6T vs Honor View10: Which affordable flagship wins?

If you’re on the market for a premium phone, there are multiple options available on the market right now and you don’t even have to spend all your savings.

Instead of buying a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Pixel 3, consider maybe getting an affordable flagship. You’ll still get your top-notch specs and premium design, but the price in this case is much more wallet-friendly.

Perhaps the most notable player in this niche is OnePlus. The company recently released a new model, the OnePlus 6T which comes with a new kind of fingerprint-based authentication technology, a different style of notch and Android 9 Pie out of the box.

It’s hard to argue with the appeal of the OnePlus 6T, but as expected the company did raise the price for the phone a little bit.

But what if your budget is below $550? Thankfully, you still have options. For example, Honor’s View10 continues to be available in the US and between November 23 and 26, customers will be able to get it with a big discount.

So which one of these two affordable top-end smartphones would be a better match for you? Continue reading below to get an idea.

Notch vs no notch

The Honor View10 is a phone on the classic side of things. Yeah, it has a trendy 18:9 aspect ratio, but it’s 5.99-inch IPS FHD+ display is notchless, unlike most phones launching today.

What’s more, there’s also an old-school candy-shaped physical home button/fingerprint sensor living underneath the display.

So if you hate the notch, the Honor View10 could be the answer to your prayers. We should also note that the phone has a nice and sturdy metal construction. Albeit it’s nothing out of the ordinary, as the recipe has been tried and tested before. You get the integrated metal body and frame designed with rounded corners and antenna lines following the edges. Flashbacks to the OnePlus 5T.

As for the OnePlus 6T, it is a lot more modern when it comes to design. It features a new type of notch on top of the 6.41-inch display, a tiny one that’s waterdrop-shaped. In contrast to the Honor View10, the OnePlus 6T has glass on the front, as well as on the rear. The chassis is built of aluminum, with a finish that perfectly complements the color of the back glass.

The OnePlus 6T is the first OnePlus phone that comes equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The technology uses an optical sensor underneath the display that shines a green light in order to read your fingerprint in full detail. OnePlus claims the system can unlock your phone in 0.3 seconds.

The OnePlus 6T it’s not the first phone to take advantage of this kind of tech, but it’s certainly the first to become more widely available.

Performance and battery

OnePlus’ second flagship for 2018 takes comes equipped with the same Snapdragon 845 that fueled the OnePlus 6. You can either have it with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage or 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

As for the Honor View10, it’s based on a Kirin 970, which right can be considered a previous-gen flagship chip. The chipset currently fuels premium phones like the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. But at IFA 2018, Huawei unveiled the next-gen Kirin 980, which can be found underneath the hood of the beastly Mate 20 series.

The Kirin 970 is the company’s first mobile chip featuring a neural processing unit (NPU), designed to perform the same AI computing tasks faster and use far less power in doing so.

Despite not being so new anymore, the Kirin 970 still does a great job at performing tasks, so you can be sure the Honor View10 will run without hiccups. Especially since it’s backed up by a hefty 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There’s also a possibility to expand further via the microSD card slot up to 256GB. The OnePlus 6T doesn’t have a microSD slot.

The Honor View10 is powered by a 3,750 mAh battery, while the OnePlus 6T has a 3,700 mAh one under the hood. With the capacity being very similar, we expect both phones to able to sustain a full day of use without much hassle. Although, the OnePlus 6T might perform a little better given the light OxygenOS on board.


The OnePlus 6T does not bring any dramatic changes in the camera department. Although you do get a few new modes to take advantage of.

So you still get the dual 16MP+20MP camera of the OnePlus 6. But low light shots and HDR have been improved with the help of AI.

There’s a new Night Mode which soaks in plenty of light for improved shots in low-light conditions. Then, there’s HDR in auto mode where the camera can detect harsh lighting conditions and adjust colors, contrast and such. What’s more, OnePlus has also introduced Studio Lighting, a post-processing software that lets you modify brightness and tonality of faces when you shoot Portraits.

The OnePlus 6T also gets a 20MP selfie camera with portrait mode.

Moving on to the Honor View10, the phone benefits from the services of one 16MP RGB sensor paired with a monochrome 20MP one, that can take pretty great shots.

Honor has packed a series of AI shooting modes on board including scene detection, monochrome shooting, wide aperture mode shooting, and of course Portrait.

On the front, lives a 13MP selfie camera that won’t disappoint when it comes to taking self-portraits.


The OnePlus 6T is among the few phones which launched with Android 9 Pie out of the box so far. Along with Google’s latest, comes the company’s own lightweight and highly customizable OxygenOS, which brings some new and yummy navigation gestures.

Other additions include the option to use the power button to call up the Google Assistant. What’s more, users can now change the phone’s entire theme, complete with icon packs and more.

As for the Honor 10View, it might have launched with Android 8.1 Oreo on board, but since then the phone received the Android 9 Pie update which brings Huawei’s EMUI 9.0 overlay with GPU Turbo 2.0, a travel assistant, a password vault and more.

Pricing and availability

The OnePlus 6T starts at $549.99 for the 6GB of RAM + 128GB of storage version.

The Honor View10 is currently available for $479.00 on Amazon, but between November 23 and 26, you’ll be able to get the phone for only $349.99.


The OnePlus 6T is indeed the newer and more appealing option, but the Honor View10 is still a very good phone. And at this price, it’s certainly a bargain.

However, if you’re budget is a little bit bigger, the OnePlus 6T is truly the most affordable, top-notch Android phone you can get right now. It has the latest specs, design and comes with new in-display fingerprint technology. And now you can get it in Purple too!


Snag an iOttie phone mount on the cheap this Black Friday

It’s no secret that Black Friday is the best time of year to buy gadgets and gifts. Whether for someone else or for ourselves, it’s a great opportunity to score some incredible sales.

One brand we’ve profiled here a few times, iOttie, is set to be featured as Amazon’s Deal of the Day on Black Friday. If you’re on the hunt for a mount for your car, then look no further.

The promotions set to run on Friday will include iOttie’s recently introduced iTap 2 Air Vent Mount, which provides two strong magnets to support larger, heavier phones.


Other discounted items include the Easy One Touch 4 series of smartphone car mounts which carry nearly 1,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

So, should you want a mount for your dashboard, windshield, air vent, or CD slot, look for iOttie’s stuff on sale this Black Friday.


iTap 2 Air Vent Mount: Regular Price: $24.95 | Sale Price: $17.40

The iTap Magnetic 2 Air Vent Mount is a compact smartphone mounting solution that occupies minimal space and features a stronger and sturdier Twist Lock mechanism that installs on virtually any air vent.

Easy One Touch Wireless Dash & Windshield: Regular Price: $49.95 | Sale Price: $32.94

Combining the power of Qi wireless fast charging with the agility of the Easy One Touch mounting system, this mount utilizes the increased range and stability of the telescopic arm to find the perfect position for your smartphone on either your dashboard or windshield.

Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield: Regular Price: $24.95 | Sale Price: $17.40

Engineered to safely enhance your driving experience, this device mounts securely on your dashboard or windshield with iOttie’s super strong suction cup and sticky gel, and offers increased range, strength and stability.

Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount: Regular Price: $19.95 | Sale Price: $13.90

This mount inserts and locks into your CD slot,  holding your device a few inches from the console to ensure buttons and controls are fully accessible.


ASUS ROG Phone can be pre-ordered in the UK for £699, shipping from December 14th

Almost a month since it officially launched in the US, the mad ROG Phone gaming smartphone from ASUS is now available in the UK for a very reasonable price. Priced normally at £799, you can grab the ROG Phone for just £699 for a limited period from the official ASUS online store, with orders shipping from […]

Come comment on this article: ASUS ROG Phone can be pre-ordered in the UK for £699, shipping from December 14th