ZTE wants a piece of that Galaxy Note market

Chinese handset maker ZTE wants to get in on some of the emerging phone/tablet hybrid market that Samsung seems to own with the Galaxy Note.  Speaking with reporters, ZTE’s head of handset strategy, Lv Qianhao, recently indicated that they would be looking to the combination experience for a pair future products.

“We want to come up with the next generation of a Galaxy Note-type product – a combo product of handsets and tablets.”

As the company pushes forward with plans to become a top-three worldwide player in the industry, ZTE will have to step out from the shadows and become a recognizable brand name.  A big part of that strategy will include a heavier U.S. presence.  We’ve already seen them drop a number of devices here over the last couple of months, including the Optik tablet and Fury smartphone.  If they can bring some of that high end Era power to our local carriers then they stand as good as chance as anyone else in the ever-evolving Android space.  While Samsung, Motorola, and HTC command a chunk of the market, other companies like ZTE and Huawei are inches from breakout success.

Would you consider picking up one of ZTE’s phone/tablet hybrid devices for yourself?  Why or why not?

ZTE wants a piece of that Galaxy Note market originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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