What’s the biggest fail in Android’s history? #androidfeedback

After four and a half years and a track record full of highlights and records, it’s safe to say that Android is off to a great start.  We’ve watched over the years as various carriers and hardware makers entered the mobile space, employing Android at different levels.  Thousand of apps and billions of downloads later, we have an ecosystem that is second to none.  Unfortunately, we’ve had plenty of missteps along the way.  On second thought, there have been a lot of them.  Samsung Behold II, anyone?

We set out these past few days to find out what you think some of the bigger flubs and disasters were from Android’s history.  We tossed a few around here that might be worth adding to the list but don’t want to bias anyone.  OK… Garmin, Dell Aero, and a string of MOTO FLIP series come to mind.

Below is a sampling of your feedback collected from Facebook and Twitter.  Check out what fellow Android users are saying about the biggest fails in the the history of our beloved platform.  Do you agree with them?  Did they completely forget about something?  After you’re done with the feedback, be sure to chime with your own opinions in the comments section.

Android version 1.0-2.2… Otherwise known as the phone operating system versions that you really hope you don’t have when you’re in an emergency and need to call 911 but your “Dialer App” is frozen. – David R.

Taking forever to release software updates for phones. It’s amazing what a tiny percentage of Android phones have Ice Cream Sandwich. It was released almost 6 months ago! – Andrés O.

T-Mobile hands down. Their customer service has gone to sh** on the last year and I’ve been a customer since they were Voicestream. And they lost the Nexus line. – Annette H.
Google “play store” name ….makes the entire OS seem like a kids toy – John D.
#honeycomb - Inasah I.
The oversized phones that are made now! Why the hell do we need a bigger phone? 3,7″ = max screen size imho #devolution – Eric
The Droid Razr and then the Maxx coming out like a month later. That or the bionic being delayed for like a year. – Stephen
Custom interfaces is the biggest fail. Imagine what it would be like if there was pure Android instead of sense, touchwiz etc – Asmir S.
Paid market unavailability (out of the box) in many countries. – Obai
The update partnership announced last year at I/O. We haven’t heard a peep since. Nothing has really improved. – SantoTheWriter
It’s Your Turn!
What do you think is the biggest fail in the history of Android?



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