Scalado releases first Android app, ‘Album’

Scalado today released their first Android application, Album, an alternative to the gallery client that comes with your smartphone or tablet.  Available in Google Play today, the app runs 99¢ and works on 2.3.7+ devices, including tablets.

What makes Album different from the standard gallery app that comes preloaded on your handset?  It’s fast, intuitive, and organized into different views.  Want to check all the pictures you’ve taken in April?  Bingo.  Want to see your photos listed in a map view that shows exactly where they were taken?  Presto.  Pull up the Nearby view and see photos taken close to your current GPS location.

We’ve played with a review build of Scalado Album for a week now and have come to appreciate its browsing, zooming, and panning speeds.  The various views aren’t necessarily groundbreaking but they’re handy to have in one collection.  One feature that I do enjoy is the animated thumbnail previews of videos when looking through folders.  This is convenient to have when you’ve recorded multiple clips in succession and need to quickly identify a particular video.


  • Superior gallery performance
  • Clean and smooth user experience
  • Intuitive browsing and navigation
  • Instant pan and zoom into every detail
  • Animated video thumbnails
  • Works on Android tablets


  • All – Shows all photos on the device
  • Places – Groups images into named geographical locations
  • Nearby – Shows all photos taken nearby the current GPS location
  • Map View –  Mapping of photos accessible from all grid views
  • Months – Groups images after calendar month captured
  • Folders – Shows images grouped after existing folders
  • Camera Roll – Shows all photos taken with the device camera


Download from Google Play

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