Samsung announces winners of the Galaxy Note developer challenge

Back in the beginning of March, Samsung launched a Galaxy Note developer challenge, with $200,000 in prizes, in an effort to challenge developers to make new apps for their tablet-phone hybrid. Just two months later, and they’ve chosen the winners, each with their own creativeness. In first place, with the “Best Overall App,” is Chiu-ki Chan, who made “Monkey Write * Learn Chinese” and scored the grand prize of $100,000. The “Best Overall App” that grabbed second place was “Maze Racer” by Roger Peters and David McCanless, which cashed in on a $50,000 prize. Rounding out the top three was “Drawing Pad” by Christopher Lott and Daren Murtha, who walked away with a cool $25,000. Congratulations to these three, as well as the numerous honorable mentions that entered the contest.

The full press release can be found below, along with the links to the top three apps. If you’ve got a Galaxy Note, these are definitely apps that you need to try for yourself.

Monkey Write * Learn Chinese

Maze Racer

Drawing Pad

So, have you downloaded any of the winning apps? What else do you think would be useful on the Galaxy Note? Drop a comment below!

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