Lookout Labs’ Ad Network Detector adds transparency to your apps

Lookout Labs has released a new application for Android handsets today which seeks to educate users as to what is going on inside their device. As many of you know there are many ad-supported networks to choose from and each brings about different types of advertisements, notifications, and other policies. Since they vary from network to network, each has its own level of intrusion or privacy concerns.

The new app, called Ad Network Detector, takes a look at each of your applications and tells you what’s happening on a per title basis.  Compiled from information across the top 35 networks, the app then educates consumers as to what each can and/or will do.

It scans the apps on your Android device for the presence of any of the 35 mainstream ad networks, including those that are capable of displaying out-of-app ads. With Ad Network Detector, you’ll be able to see exactly which ad networks are on your phone, understand their capabilities, and understand the private information they are accessing. With easy access to this information, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to keep the app that has certain ad networks on your phone.

The ad networks listed in Ad Network Detector:

  1. AdFonic
  2. AdKnowledge
  3. Admia
  4. AdMob
  5. AdWhirl
  6. Aduru
  7. Airpush
  8. Appenda
  9. Burstly
  10. BuzzCity
  11. Cauly
  12. GreyStripe
  13. JumpTap
  14. InMobi
  15. IZP
  16. LeadBolt
  17. Letang
  18. LogiaAd
  19. MDotM
  20. Medialets
  21. Millenial
  22. MobClix
  23. MobFox
  24. MOcean
  25. Moolah Media
  26. MoPub
  27. Pontiflex
  28. Smaato
  29. StartApp
  30. TapJoy
  31. Tapit
  32. Urban Airship
  33. Vdopia
  34. Vserv
  35. ZestAdz

Download Ad Network Detector for free from the Android Market for all 2.1+ devices.

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Lookout Ad Network Detector
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