HTC says “big things ahead” in new Vine, Instagram videos


HTC has taken to Vine and Instagram to whip followers into a frenzy, dropping a six-second video clip that promises “big things ahead”. The clip shows a man descend in a helicopter, hop out with a brief case and then high-five another man before the words ”Here’s To Change” and “Happy Telephone Company” splash on screen.

It’s not clear whether the guy getting out of the helicopter is Robert Downey Jr., however we’d not be surprised if it were. The celeb is reported to have inked a $12 million deal with HTC which should see him pitching the device and/or company.

Based on the “big” aspect of the social media teases, we’re inclined to believe this is a precursor to the HTC One Max announcement. Set to arrive in the coming weeks, the phone is rumored to be a large take on the flagship device of 2013.

HTC Vine | HTC Instagram

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