Google Music launching with Free Song of the Day, might have all 4 major record labels after all [Screenshot/Rumor]

Google is believed to relaunch its Google Music service this week with the addition of paid music downloads, a feature not currently available in the music streaming app. However, screenshots from a Venezuelan blogger show what appear to be the upcoming music store that ties into the Android Market and Music app.

A writer for TecnoDroidVe claims that while playing around with an HTC Inspire, he came across several pages that offered songs from artists like Green Day, Joss Stone, Ricardo Montaner, and Shakira. The images below show albums and songs that users can tap to purchase from the Android Market, similar to the set-ups that Google already has for Books and Movies. Songs range from $0.99-$1.29, and a “Free Song of the Day” tab appears as well. (Google has introduced a similar feature on its Magnifier music blog.)

The screenshots, which appear to be legit, lend credence to reports that Google’s November 16 “These Go To Eleven” event in LA is to relaunch Google Music as a proper streaming service with a storefront built-in. What’s interesting is that these screenshots also shoot down a rumor floated by AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka. Citing unnamed sources, Kafka said Sony and Warner Music Groups were unlikely to sign a deal by Wednesday to license its music to Google. However, Shakira is signed to Sony Music and Green Day is signed to Reprise, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. EMI and Universal Music were already on-board according to Kafka, so perhaps Google managed to finalize those last-minute licensing deals after all? (For the record, Joss Stone and Ricardo Montaner, both EMI artists, are also pictured in the screenshots.)

View the full gallery of screenshots at TecnoDroidVe

via AndroidPolice


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