Gate of Time offers a taste of Zelda through an Android live wallpaper [Video App Reviews]

Gate of Time offers a taste of Zelda through an Android live wallpaper [Video App Reviews]

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords fans should be familiar with The Gate of Time, a portal that enables Link to travel through time. The other Gate of Time is an Android live wallpaper that brings elements of its Zelda-based namesake to your phone.

Gate of Time displays three animated gears decorated with special symbols. When a user taps the screen, the gate opens and inner gears turn to represent the time travel effect. It’s a small change, but one that users will notice thanks to the fast opening and closing. Gate of Time lets users customize the wallpaper’s settings, so those gears can be set to constantly spin, or have a stop and go “tick” motion.

Customization is a big part of what makes Gate of Time function. Live wallpapers naturally lead to less battery life, but the developer offers plenty of tweaking to get a nice balance of performance and pretty. Users can change the detail and textures, or adjust the framerate to go between 10 to 30 FPS. Gate of Time still looks interesting even at its lowest framerate. The appearance is further improved by the ability adjust colors and how close to zoom.

Game of Time is available for free in Google Play, so don’t forget to tip your developer if the wallpaper proves to your liking. An Android 2.1 or higher device is required to use wallpapers. (There’s also a cool Easter egg you’ll eventually discover on your own.)

Here’s a short video displaying how the animation looks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see previous live wallpaper coverage.


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