doubleTwist updates Android app, but what is this “new dawn”?

Earlier this week, mecca audio developer doubleTwist released the latest update of their self-titled app, bringing with it a UI change and several awesome features. First, foremost, and possibly the best, doubleTwist now comes with Google Music integration.  It’s now possible to access your Google-tunes, at least the ones that you have set for offline playback. If you have as much audio-candy in Google’s system as I do, this is a great perk, especially considering that doubleTwist handles podcasts and video playing.

What they’ve done is essentially pare down the usual multitudinous Android apps that you need to handle various media into one clever player; I’m a fan. Also in the update was improved support for AppleTV and better album art downloading, among other various bug fixes, all squeezed together in the form of a smaller install size than the previous update. Kudos, doubleTwist.

But really, the main news here is doubleTwist’s recent countdown tease (also mentioned on their Twitter feed) alluding to something major, with no hint as to what it might be. Granted, it might not have anything to do with the Android app itself, but then again… It. Just. Might. Rest assured that our metaphorical eyebrow is quirked in just as perplexedly a fashion as yours, and we’ll be following this with much interest.

Of course, if you don’t use doubleTwist at all (try it by clicking the Play Store link below), this may not interest you at all, so what music app do you use? And if you do use doubleTwist, what do you think the “new dawn” might be? Let us know in the comments!

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