Amazon announces pair of new deals for Kindle titles


Amazon has announced a couple new deals on Kindle titles, one aimed at Prime members and another that will be available for all Amazon customers. The first of these is called Kindle First and will only be available to Amazon Prime members. Amazon will prepare a list of Kindle titles scheduled for release and give Prime members with an opportunity to download one for free up to a month in advance of its regular release. Amazon is hoping this benefit will help entice more customers to sign up for a Prime membership.

The second new program is called Countdown Deals. Publishers who opt-in to the program will make their titles available at a discount of at least one dollar. The titles must be exclusive to the Kindle platform to qualify. Users will access the page for the title and will see the discount price along with a countdown until the deal expires. This is hoped to get customers to make a quicker purchase decision.

source: TechnoBuffalo

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