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Getting low on storage? You might like these smaller Android games

There are many reasons for wanting to install a lightweight Android game on your device. Maybe you’re in a Wi-Fi-less area and you want to use up too much of your mobile data. Or maybe you want to try out a new game, but your phone’s internal memory is filled up.

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Whatever your reason, the good news is that there are enough great lightweight games under 25MB games waiting for you in the Google Play Store. For the purpose of this article, we’ve selected ten such games that are guaranteed to entertain you.

Tap Tap Dash

What it is:

Developed by Cheetah Games, Tap Tap Dash is an immensely addictive game where you go for a never-ending walk and tap or change direction. Think it’s easy? Think again.

Why we like it:

  • It’s based on a simple concept, yet it gets super challenging to master as you advance through the levels.
  • It’s colorful and cute.
  • You unlock loads of new characters as you play.
  • There are over 1,000 levels to beat.

Download Tap Tap Dash

Dr Driving

What it is:

The game created by SUD Inc. is basically a car driving simulator in which you complete missions and earn money to upgrade your wheels.

Why we like it:

  • The game does a good job a simulating busy city scenes in which you have to avoid obstacles and abide by traffic laws. It’s a fun way for users to learn the rules of the road.
  • Controlling the car is quite challenging, but the pedals and steering wheel can be customized to the player’s preference.
  • Players can also make repairs or fully upgrade their vehicle.

Download Dr Driving

What it is:

A game created by Lowtech Studios in which you control an avatar resembling a worm that grows by consuming multicolored pellets.

Why we like it:

  • The game’s goal: grow from a tiny little worm to a gigantic monster.
  • It’s quite challenging. Be careful not to touch heads with another player or you will explode and have to start the game all over again. But if a player runs into you, then it will explode and you will have the chance to nourish yourself by eating your remains.
  • You can play online against real players or versus an AI.



What it is:

A game developed by Zakeh in which you have to take care of your pet Pou and keep him/her entertained too by letting him/her play a variety of games.

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Why we like it:

  • Pou reminds us playing with a Tamagotchi. You have to feed, bathe and nurse Pou, but also keep him/her from getting bored.
  • Play many games with Pou including Water Hop, Food Drop or Match Tap.
  • The game includes many other activities like going outside or playing with friends.
  • You also get to personalize your Pou.

Download Pou

Flow Free

What it is:

Created by Big Duck Games, Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game in which you connect matching colors with pipe to create the Flow.

Why we like it:

  • The twist is not to allow the pipes to cross or overlap.
  • The game features hundreds of levels ranging from simple to difficult.
  • Players have to strive to use as little moves as possible for a better score.

Download Flow Free

Sweet Candy Fever

What it is:

Sweet Candy Fever by Gamoper is a classic 3-match game set in a fantastically amazing candy world.

Why we like it:

  • It’s super easy to play: just swap, swipe and match candy pieces to complete a goal.
  • You’re given a target and you have a number of moves to achieve the goal.
  • Fun arsenal or power-ups and obstacles.
  • You can unlock several candy maps including Sweet Valley and Sugarshell Bakery.

Download Sweet Candy Fever


What it is:

Developed by the Mascoteers, the Stairway asks a very simple question: Can you get the ball to roll down the stairs without letting it fall down?

Why we like it:

  • You need to guide a ball down a staircase, navigation all kinds of crazy twists, turns and obstacles.
  • Train yourself to tap at the right moment and avoid losing the ball.
  • Play with different kinds of balls.
  • Great minimalist graphics, with ever-shifting colors.

Download Stairway

Mind Games

What it is:

Challenges your mind with a series of fun brain-training games. Train specific skills such as attention or reaction speed.

Why we like it:

  • Games are served up to you based on your age category.
  • Flex your brain muscles in the Training Center which chooses games to maximize your progress and enjoyment.
  • App has a Learning Center section where it teaches you concepts like Mindfulness and invites you to perform several exercises like Mindful Awareness.

Download Mind Games

Make More!

What it is:

Developed by Fingersoft, Make More! is a clicker game in which you have to get your workers to work as fast as possible and maximize profit.

Why we like it:

  • Simply tap to make goods. The faster you tap, the more items you’ll be able to make.
  • Hire and train new staff to boost your profits.
  • Expand and upgrade your factory and make new products.

Download Make More!

Up Hill Racing: Car Climb

What it is:

Created by Topappgame, Up Hill Racing is a car & bike racing game that challenges you to control your car in unique uphill & downhill environments.

Why we like it:

  • You have two pedals, break and gas and you need to use them to control your car.
  • The game has lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades for you to race with.
  • Up Hill Racing has a multiplayer function, so you can challenge Facebook friends or random users.

Download Up Hill Racing: Car Climb

So, which of these lightweight games has caught your attention?


Moment Pro App review: The camera app for photographers

If you haven’t yet heard, Moment, a smartphone camera accessory company, has just updated their app to a new, more standalone, format. Moment creates lenses for many popular smartphones that can give your phone cameras a different look or purpose. These include fisheye, telephoto, and macro lenses to name a few. Their new 3.0 app update renames the app to Moment Pro Camera, and while allowing you to tie in usage with their lenses, you can use the app by itself and have a unique shooting experience. Moment Pro gives many manual DSLR controls to your phone’s camera.

To download the app, you need to visit the Play Store and install. The setup process is very easy, and no settings are required to be changed to get everything running. Once you have the app downloaded and opened, you can select the format for shots and your grid style. The grid styles range in 4 different styles (not including spiral), and the photo formats allow JPG or RAW. Moment Pro is the app for someone wanting to graduate from a quick point-and-shoot photog to a beginner professional photographer.

In general, the app is straightforward as far as using it. When I first downloaded Moment Pro, I noticed I didn’t have to fiddle around to get it going. Even when you jump into settings, there are only two toggleable actions: Histogram and Location. The rest of the app looks like any other camera app, shutter at the bottom, the gallery at the bottom left, viewfinder in the middle. Speaking of settings, you can’t adjust the viewfinder to a 16:9 aspect ratio, all photos will be at 3:2, and there will be black bars at the top and bottom.

Another thing to notice about the app is, there is (or at least was in the first iteration) no onboarding. You don’t get to learn how to adjust settings really, I just tapped and learned. Now I’ve seen from the app’s description that you adjust settings with a variety of slides, taps, and double-taps to default. The app does give you a chance to adjust Shutter Speed, ISO, EV, Focal Length, and White Balance, which is something I haven’t seen other apps do so effortlessly. You can adjust Grids, flash, timers, and the format in the top bar. Also in the top bar, there’s a setting to adjust whether you’re using a Moment lens or just your original phone camera. I’m guessing this will do any profile correction needed for any lens changes.

I would’ve loved to learn how to use the app more within the app as I’m sure not many people read full descriptions before downloading apps. Seeing as though the app is easy to navigate and the details ARE there, I’m not too upset.

After you take a photo, you’re taken to an after photo section where you can take a look at the setting of the particular photo and the image itself. You can share the photo directly, trash it, or dive deep into its EXIF settings. There’s a button to view all photos too, that will take you to your default gallery app.

This app leaves little to be desired, but there are still a couple of things I want to see in a future update. One is the ability to shoot in landscape. The absence of this fundamental feature boggles my mind. Does anyone that is into becoming more advanced in photography really only shoot in portrait? Another option I miss is autofocus on tap. You can enable autofocus but it is available while shooting not while preparing the shot, or you can use manual focus. One last small thing I’d like to see is additional grid styles – golden ratio anyone?

EDIT: As of version 1.1.1, horizontal shooting is available.

I’d like to take the time out to congratulate the Moment team on quickly squashing bugs as well. In the first few versions of the app, there were bugs such as hanging on the gallery or from moving from the general viewfinder back to the home screen. As of version 1.1.0, I can not identify any bugs in the app, major or minor.


Compared to other apps that I’ve tried, such as Manuel Camera, Moment Pro beats them out just for its simplicity. As stated above there’s no massive amount of settings to jump through or just additional options. Most options are right there on the viewfinder so you can adjust your camera settings easily and quickly. The app is my go-to camera app that I’ve all but replaced Google Camera.

Moment Pro is a great camera app for photography enthusiast that want to get better (read: manual) controls from their phones. Most people though are probably better with using Google camera. Yet, if you’re trying to learn how to shoot a DSLR and don’t have the money to invest then this is the next best thing. Pair the app with Moment’s smartphone lenses, and you may never need to buy a dedicated camera.


Moment Pro Play Store Link


Gear Up: RAVPower wireless charging solutions for home and on-the-go

It’s 2018 which means a lot of the new phones you see, and possibly buy, come with a really cool feature: wireless charging. Indeed, what we once thought was a great luxury afforded to a select few devices has now become commonplace. In fact, some of you have been so accustomed to having it that you’ve taken the technology for granted.

Whether you’ve got a brand new phone with wireless charging or are sitting on one that’s a year or so old, you really should check out the feature. It’s not only convenient but it’s better than ever. Charging speeds continue to get faster and selection grows all the time.

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One company who specializes in providing wireless chargers and portable chargers is RAVPower. With a lineup spanning dozens of products, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, it offers affordable devices that rival those from bigger, more prominent names.

We received a number of samples from RAVPower, each of which speaks to a different user need or budget. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll find from them.

HyperAir Fast Wireless Chargers with QC 3.0 Adapter 10W

When downtime is your main concern, you don’t want to mess around with slow trickle charging or spending time plugged in and tethered. This wireless charger delivers the fastest available speeds for your phone, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS.

For iPhones it offers up 7.5W charging; for devices like the Galaxy S9 it delivers 10W of juice. This might not sound like much on the surface but it’s about twice as fast as what you would expect.

The RAVPower charger automatically detects what type of device is sitting on it and delivers the right speeds. And, to make sure it doesn’t overheat, the triple temp controls disperse heat and watch for over-voltage, short circuits, and other dangerous things.

As portable as it is practical, this circular unit has an anti-skid design and sits still when placing your phone on it. The indicator light on the front glows to let you know the status of your battery.

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Includes a powerful Quick Charge 3. 0 adapter so you can also charge up your other devices incredibly quick, too. Pick one up for about $40 from RAVPower or Amazon.

Qi Fast Wireless Charger 10W

With a slightly different approach to the aforementioned charger, this one comes in a few bucks cheaper. More of a rounded square platter, it largely offers up the same speeds and technology.

The top has a non-slip rubberized base to keep your phone from sliding around while the bottom has its own anti-skid feet. Also, there are air vents underneath to keep things nice and cool. You’ll find this one for about $38 either direct or through Amazon.

Qi-certified 2 Coils Fast Wireless Charger 7.5W

Instead of a platter design, this charger lets you prop your phone up while the battery is replenished. Perfect to have on your office desk or kitchen counter, it allows you to view your screen at a comfortable angle.

With dual coil charging inside, you’ll get the same super-fast speeds that you get in the other models. Don’t be fooled by the name; it’s got 7.5W for iPhone and the full 10W power behind Android.

Similar to the other models, this RAVpower charger has an LED indicator light and all the protection against overheating and over-charging. Score one for $46 from the OEM or Amazon and enjoy the out-of box 18-month warranty in the process.

10400mAh Wireless Portable Charger

You’re looking at all of these chargers thinking how nice it is for static needs but really want something for on-the-go. That’s where this particular one comes in handy.

It’s a little pricier than a traditional wireless charger, but it’s designed to be taken with you. With 10,400mAh worth of juice inside, it’s a portable charger that works for anyone with a USB cable. That’s enough power to fill your average phone up three times over.

To truly take advantage of this one, though, you can simply place your phone on the top side. Indeed, it charges your phone up as any other wireless unit might. How fast, you ask? A Samsung Galaxy S8 can go from 0-100% in under 4 hours.

Feel free to mix and match the outputs, too. Plug your friend’s phone in at dinner while yours gets to sit there with no cables attached. Find it for around $66 at RAVPower and Amazon.


Java Bootcamp Bundle: Master the world’s most common coding language for $39

If you are looking to gain an edge over your co-workers over the rest of 2018, you’ll need to do something they can’t. Let’s start with writing code. We’re willing to bet that the guy next to you doesn’t know anything about JavaScript.

Did you know that you could teach yourself the popular coding language over the next few weeks?

Our Deals Store has a full-on java bundle that teaches you just about everything you need for the world’s most common programming language. Spread out over nearly 84 hours, it’s available to you around the clock and anywhere you have an internet connection. Worth upwards of $800 when purchased separately, AndroidGuys readers can steal the entire bundle for only $39.


Think about some of your favorite web apps and games. Chances are Java plays a huge role in the code that makes them work. Java is a core language that any aspiring programmer has to know. Here’s where you start your journey.

Through this course, you’ll get hands-on with Java, beginning to build your very own real apps, all the while learning how to implement Java skills in the real world.

Java Bootcamp Bundle

  • From 0 to 1: Data Structures & Algorithms in Java
  • Byte Size Chunks: Java Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Byte Size Chunks: Java Reflection, Annotations and Lambdas
  • Byte Size Chunks: Java Object-Oriented Programming & Design
  • Byte Size Chunks: Java Multithreading
  • From 0 to 1: Design Patterns – 24 That Matter – In Java
  • From 0 to 1: JavaFX & Swing for Awesome Java UIs
  • Java Programming – the Master Course
  • Java Programming from Zero to Hero: Java Completed
  • The Ultimate Java 8 Tutorial – From Beginner to Professional

Where to Buy

The Complete Java Programming Bootcamp is available to AndroidGuys readers for only $39 right now. This is the cheapest this bundle has ever been offered!

Head to our Deals store and purchase one for yourself and, while there, grab one for your friend, too. Who knows what the two of you will be doing a year from now once you have that education under your belts?

Save even more!

In addition to the savings above, when you buy through AndroidGuys Deals, for every $25 spent, you get $1 credit added to your account. What’s more, should you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.

If this is your first time buying, then you are also eligible for a further 10% discount when you subscribe for email updates.

How about a freebie?

Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!


Next generation Gorilla Glass 6 will be twice as durable as current Gorilla Glass

Corning has announced their latest iteration of Gorilla Glass, and the sixth generation of durable glass promises to bring some seriously tough construction to smartphones. Gorilla Glass 6 is engineered to be twice as effective at withstanding drops as opposed to its predecessor, even after multiple drops. Corning did their research and found that on […]

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Huawei announces the TalkBand B5 – a wearable for the wrist and ear

It isn’t often that you hear of a wearable being announced that you can wear on the wrist as well as in your ear, is it? But here we are with the Huawei TalkBand B5, a device that acts as both a Bluetooth earpiece and a fitness tracker on the wrist.  The TalkBand B5 is […]

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[TA Deals] Start securing your internet traffic with the Keezel encryption device + lifetime VPN!

If you’re ready to start taking your internet traffic seriously, and I mean seriously, the Keezel encryption device is what you should buy. This little gadget acts a middle-man for all of your phones, computers, and other devices to access the internet, fully encrypting your connection and blocking any snooping eyes or malicious sites. But it doesn’t […]

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HTC is said to be quitting the Indian smartphone market

We all know that HTC is not in a good place right now, in fact, the Taiwanese handset maker hasn’t been in a ‘good place’ for a long, long time, perhaps as far back as when the M8 launched. Having said that it would be laying off 1,500 employees at the beginning of July, and […]

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Blackberry KEY2 Lite (Luna) might be in the works

BlackBerry’s latest KEY2 smartphone recently went on sale in the US. The device is among the more unique Android phones out there, featuring an improved QWERTY keyboard under the display.

However, not everyone might be willing to spend $650 on the device. Especially since the KEY2 packs middle-range specs including a Snapdragon 660 processor.

But if you still fancy the idea of having a phone with a QWERTY keyboard we have some good news for you. According to reliable leaker Evan Blass, the BlackBerry is allegedly working on a KEY2 Lite (dubbed Luna), a cheaper version of the KEY2.

Is this the BlackBerry KEY2 Lite?

Blass’ tweet was also accompanied by a photo of the upcoming phone. The pic shows the back of the device, which looks quite similar to the KEY2’s rear, complete with a dual camera. The main difference is the red trim that goes all around the phone’s outline.

Alleged BlackBerry Luna, a.k.a. the "KEY2 Lite" (Lite and not Mini 'cuz they supposedly have the same form factor). Said/shown to come in red, blue, and copper.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) July 18, 2018

In addition, the BlackBerry KEY2 Lite will apparently also be available in blue and copper variants.

We’re also told that the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 Lite supposedly have the same size and form factor. Which means the upcoming device will also have a 4.5-inch display sitting on top of a QWERTY keyboard.

The tweet doesn’t reveal anything about possible specs. Yet, given that Lite smartphones always tends to come with watered down specs, we expect the KEY2 Lite to feature a less-powerful processor and under 6GB of RAM.

At the moment, we don’t have any information regarding a possible launch date. But given that IFA 2018 will be taking place next month, we could assume BlackBerry will unveil the KEY2 Lite during the event in Berlin.

All the big players in the tech space will be present at the tradeshow, including Samsung who is rumored to be saving the Galaxy Tab S4 tablet for the event.

Would you be interested in a cheaper BlackBerry KEY2? Let us know in the comment section below.


Get ready, LG is ready to drop yet another flagship with the V40 ThinQ

In case you haven’t had your fill of LG flagships in the past 12 months, LG is ready to drop their refreshed V40 ThinQ by the end of the year. You can expect their newest high-end smartphone in October, giving some space between that and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. These reports also suggest that the […]

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