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The LG G6 Mini may be on the horizon

If we go back in time a few years, you might be remember when every flagship phone had a mini counterpart. Most of these mini devices sucked, of course, and offered significantly downgraded specs in a smaller screen size with worse resolution. Almost none of them were worthwhile investments, and the trend slowly died on […]

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Android Nougat incoming next week for the Galaxy S6 Edge on T-Mobile

While Android 7.0 Nougat has been out for a few months, those rocking the Galaxy S6 Edge are still yet to see the update. That is about to change for T-Mobile customers as T-Mobile project manager Des Smith reports the S6 Edge is scheduled to get the update next week. SOFTWARE UPDATE: @TMobile Engineers have approved […]


333: Winning the Title II

This week, your hosts Daniel Bader, Jerry Hildenbrand and Andrew Martonik talk about what’s new in the world of smartphones, and the regulators that influence the carriers we pay to get cellular service for those phones.

1. Andrew gives his thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the team talk about whether the new phone is a foundational phone that has problems — more like the Galaxy S6 than the Galaxy S7.

2. The BlackBerry KEYone is coming soon, but who is this phone for, and should you care? Daniel and Jerry give their thoughts.

3. The FCC is moving to repeal Title II, removing specific clauses from so-called net neutrality mandates that protect consumers from having “fast lanes” imposed on the internet. This is a big deal.

4. AT&T launched a “5G Evolution” network this week, but it’s more of the same — both in terms of technology (nothing new) and deceptive marketing (same old, same old).

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Google hardware executive moves on after only six months

Last fall Google managed to lure David Foster away from Amazon as part of an effort by the company to enhance its hardware business. Foster had been a key player for Amazon where he led development on several devices, notably Kindle tablets and the Amazon Echo. Reporting to Rick Osterloh as a vice president of […]

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Stop sharing everything with the McAfee privacy smartphone

John McAfee, who is perhaps best known for his antivirus software, revealed plans to produce a new smartphone that will focus on promoting a user’s privacy. That may seem to fly into the headwinds of so much that typical users do with their smartphones and the increasingly interconnected nature of the apps used on a […]

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[TA Deals] Grab the u-Jays Wireless On-Ear Headphones for $170!

It’s not this often you can get a high-end audio product for less than $200. On Talk Android Deals, the u-Jays Wireless On-Ear Headphones are being featured as our deal of the day. It means there’s a massive discount that you can claim only for a limited time. And it’s not headphones that force you […]

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Kanex MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard review

Kanex bills its latest portable keyboard, the MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard, as a “perfect fold-and-go solution” for phone and tablet users. In essence, it’s a thin keyboard that pairs via Bluetooth and which folds in half when toting around. If you’ve already got a tablet but envy the functionality of a Surface Pro or a […]


Galaxy S8 red display fix begins rolling out in the UK

Samsung have started to push a fix for an issue some users are reporting on their Galaxy S8. While not widely reported, some users have found that their S8 screens have a slight red hue. Samsung clearly think people have a point and have expanded the rollout of a patch to the UK having begun […]


Grab a free LG Watch Style with a G6 pre-order

If you are a US resident and are planning on ordering the LG G6 then you should check out a new deal being offered by B&H Photo. The retailer is offering a free LG Watch Style with each pre-order of the LG G6 that would normally cost you $279. Don’t Miss: LG G6 getting 100 new […]


Trading Game wants to make you a Wall Street whiz (Sponsored App Review)

Overview: Trading Game is an educational tool for would-be investors who want to learn how to be savvy traders in the financial world. It covers regular stock trading, as well as other trading markets such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Developer: Finance Illustrated Cost: Free Impressions: Trading Game features several modes that aim to teach you […]