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North Korea part of the Android tablet market?

If you were a looking for a tablet device in a closed country like North Korea, which is largely ostracized by much of the world even in matters of trade, how would you go about doing so? One option may be to get one from a company producing them “in country.” That option may be a reality based on a photograph that recently surfaced from Pyongyang.

The photo shows Choi Cheol Min of the Chosun Computer company holding what appears to be about a 10-inch tablet. Based on the screen, the device may be running Google’s Android operating system. In the background is a shelf full of boxes labeled with “Samjiyon” which is the name of a tablet maker in North Korea. However, it is not clear whether the device being held by Choi is the same device sold in the boxes.

Sources have noted the irony of a closed country like North Korea, which goes so far as to cut off access to much of the Internet, taking advantage of an open-source project like Android in order to produce a tablet device. We don’t anticipate an announcement any time soon regarding availability of the device in other markets.

source: Wall Street Journal


AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon versions of Samsung Galaxy Note II may be in FCC pipeline

As we reported earlier, AT&T and Samsung have released a joint statement regarding the impending release of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This followed news that Samsung was working with several major carriers to bring the device to the U.S. market. Samsung has scheduled an event for October 24th in New York where it is anticipated a more detailed announcement regarding the Galaxy Note II will be made.

Although no dates for availability in the U.S. and Canadien markets have been made yet, interest in the imminent release will be fueled by the discovery of what appears to be the Galaxy Note II wending its way through the FCC approval process for three different carriers. The first device spotted is an SGH-i317 with specifications that appear to be consistent with AT&T and possible Canadien carriers. Another device going by model number SCH-i605 has CDMA and GSM antennas along with a 700 MHz LTE band appears to be headed to Verizon as a dual-band device. Finally, an SGH-T889 might be headed to T-Mobile based on the inclusion of a 1700 MHz AWS frequency.

source: Engadget


Day 5 of Google’s 25-cent app deals is now live

It’s Day 5, and the final day for Google’s big 25-cent app sale. The first four days brought us some really hot deals, and day five is no exception. Hit the break for the full list.

Day 4 is still live so grab them before it’s too late.

source: Google Play


CyanogenMod Working On OTA Update Solution, Plans On Dropping ROM Manager In The Process


CyanogenMod is about to become a little bit better for all by bringing its own OTA update system to the masses. Many of you are scratching your heads and wondering what this means, right? Well if you’re a CM ROM user, you’re well-aware that in order to grab an update, you would traditionally use ROM Manager which allows users to quickly and efficiently pull updates manually to their ROMs. The only catch with ROM Manager is that it’s not open-source, unlike the CM ROM itself. So the CM team decided enough is enough and developed its own open-source updating method within its own builds.

The newly developed OTA update solution works in a simple way too. While it won’t include push notifications (that feature requires Google Apps framework), the updater will automatically check for updates at user-defined intervals and pull the update once something is available, pulling its info from The awesome thing is the updater will allow users to pull updates whether they’re the official, alpha or nightlies builds.

At this stage, we only know it’s currently being worked on and will be on its way soon— though when soon exactly is is anyone’s guess.

source: Android Police


‘Bad Piggies’ for iOS and Android game review

Bad Piggies is a complete departure from Rovio’s award winning Angry Birds series. After letting you play as the birds for almost three years now, you will now get to play as the pigs for the first time. The object include boxes, wheels, rockets, balloons, TNT, umbrellas, etc. Each of them have a specific purpose. […]


An Apple iPad Mini mockup makes rounds for the video camera

By this point, most of you have probably already seen a leaked snap or two of what the rumored 7.85″ iPad Mini would look like. And honestly, since the iPhone 5 body leaked from Chinese factories months ahead of the announcement, I’m willing to give this rumor the benefit of a doubt as well.


Apple no longer calls its Maps the most beautiful and powerful ever

Hot on the heels of the new alternative Maps apps section in the AppStore, Apple has also toned down the elated iOS6 Maps app copy as keen visitors to its website have spotted. It clearly shows a navigation route making a sharp left off a bridge. Source | Via


BlackBerry OS 10 tutorials caught on video, cool new gestures demonstrated

BlackBerry OS 10 faced a few delays, but the waiting might be worth it as the new OS is a far cry from its bland, text-based predecessors. The new OS relies heavily on clever gestures for many of the basic tasks – even going back to the homescreen is done with a gesture rather than […]


The metal clad Pantech Flex came by, we put it in front of the camera

It looks like Pantech is serious about becoming a notable player in the lucrative US smartphone market. Following the footsteps of the well-equipped and affordable Pantech Burst, which we tried out earlier this year, the Korean manufacturer has decided to follow with an even better effort. The LTE sporting, AT&T exclusive Pantech Flex keeps the […]


Average cellular data usage of Android users is about 870MB per month, says NPD


You would expect that the average Android smartphone user would use at least a couple of gigabytes a month. But according to statistics provided by NPD Collective Intelligence, it is much lower.

Research suggests that on average, Android smartphone users utilize only use about 870MB a month on cellular networks, as opposed to 2.5GB on home wireless networks. To be honest, when I read this I thought everyone was crazy, or it was time for me to get new glasses. Especially with network restrictions and data caps provided by large carriers like Verizon and AT&T, you think people would use as much data as possible without exceeding limits.

Using software by the name of “SmartMeter”, NPD tracked 1,000 Android devices to obtain data for their recent tests. After collecting what the company needed, NPD categorized the experiment ”by age”. As it turns out, users that were 55 years or older, used a very light amount of 750MB on a monthly basis, while participants within the age group of 18-24 used around 1.05GB. This data consisting all on cellular data.

During the Wi-Fi usage tests participants 55 and older averaged at around 1.42GB/ month, while ages 25-34 used more than twice that, at 3.01GB. Though these statistics may seem a bit unrealistic, you have to take in to consideration that:

  • Location of subjects is unknown
  • Devices used are unknown
  • And chosen networks are still a mystery

NPD also revealed that they will be performing similar tests, on iOS users. Perhaps we should perform our own spin-off experiment on TalkAndroid. Would you participate? I would love to hear your comments.

Source: Fierce Wireless