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Samsung Galaxy R Style headed to South Korea. ICS, LTE and Super AMOLED screen in tow.

Clearly not satisfied with the universal acclaim dished out to the recently released Galaxy S III, Samsung has today unveiled the Galaxy R Style for the South Korean Market.

The device resembles a cross between a Galaxy S II and a Galaxy S III however the spec list is closer to the S II. You’ll find a 4.3″ Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.0 ICS, LTE connectivity, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 16GB internal memory, a 5MP rear camera and a whopping 2000mAh battery.

The timing of the release is a touch odd given the imminent arrival of the vastly superior Galaxy S III, perhaps Samsung spies a gap in the mid-tier market. The Galaxy R Style will retail at 700,000 KRW ($590) and should be available from Q.3 this year. An international release seems unlikely at this time.


Source: Samsung Tomorrow


The HTC One X moonlights as a hammer, lives to tell the story

It’s becoming a bit of a trend this – using nails and hammers on smartphones. After the Nokia Lumia 900 display took some really painful hits, a guy from Russia decided that his HTC One X could do a lot better and decided to skip the hammer part all together.


Tenqa Remxd bluetooth headphones review

Like the idea of over-the-ear cans but hate dealing with cords?  Check out Tenqa’s Remxd bluetooth headphones which provide a wallet-friendly wireless connection to your Android device.  We’ve had a chance to play with a pair of these over the last few weeks and have come to appreciate them for their ease of use and functionality.

Priced at $39.99, the Tenqa Remxd headphones should fit into just about anyone’s budget.  We were not all that familiar with the Tenqa name on the outset of our review, and suspect you might not be either.  Nevertheless a quick search told us that this was not their first foray into wireless gadgets and that they had already produced a number of other accessories.

We found that the Tenqa Remxd headphones paired easily with our phones and tablets and all connections held strong until we manually disconnected.  There are a number of buttons or toggles on the left ear, including power, volume, track advancement, and call answer.  Yes, not only are these a good value for listening to music and podcasts, but they can also make and receive phone calls.

In terms of volume and sound quality we liked what we heard, however we could do with just a little bit more “oomph”.  While the headphones are designed to fit pretty much any sized head, the cups themselves are a touch too small for our liking.  Perhaps that’s why we found volume levels low; external noise was able to seep in.

The Tenqa Remxd headphones come in two color options, black and white.  Initially excited about the clean look and aesthetic, we later found that they can collect dirt and oils pretty easily.  If color doesn’t matter much to you then go with the black.  That is, unless you plan on using these in sterile environments and don’t anticipate sweating or getting too active.

After a few weeks of regular use during yard work, mowing, jogging, and traveling, we noticed that the synthetic material had developed a bit of off-white look.  Had we known going in, we would have used these in a more limited capacity where we might not get our hands literally dirty. We should also point out that when we set our headphones on a bookshelf for a few days it seems to have pulled the reddish oak color into the underside of the headband.  It’s unclear whether this was related to them being put there immediately after wearing them. Maybe they were a tad sweaty after mowing the grass?

As far as build quality goes, these never felt cheap to us in any capacity.  The buttons are firm and responsive and the stitching is clean and precise. And where we though the wire hanger-like materials would bend or break, they have held up quite well.

All said and done, we were actually impressed with the Tenqa Remxd bluetooth headphones and would consider them a good buy at the price.  Whereas it was a bit foreign to move through airports and taxis without being tethered to a phone, this is now the way we like to travel.  These also make a good companion for sitting on the back deck, catching up on podcasts and audiobooks.

You can order the headphones directly through Tenqa, Amazon, and other online outlets.

Tenqa Remxd bluetooth headphones review originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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And the winner of the ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Pack for Week 3 is…..

I can’t believe we’re already at week 3 for our ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Pack giveaways. That means this is the final one. Congratulations to Eric To who is going to receive an ASUS Transformer Pad TF300, a matching keyboard dock, a Logitech controller, and a Jambox speaker. Eric picked the newly released Sonic 4 Episode II for Best Overall Gameplay.

A special thanks has to go out to both NVIDIA and ASUS for providing these awesome prize packs.  Don’t forget there’s still time to get your votes in at NVIDIA’s Players Choice Awards site for a final chance to win one of these prize packs. It ends today so don’t forget to vote if you haven’t already. The Players Choice Award winners will be announced next week at E3 so stay tuned.




Samsung Galaxy S III comes to Virgin Mobile Australia

The Samsung Galaxy S III is taking the world by storm. We’re hoping to see it in North America in a few weeks, but it also looks like the folks in Australia are going to get some GSIII lovin’ as well. Virgin Mobile is taking orders now with delivery in 2-3 days, that is if you’re ordering the 16GB Marble White version. The 16GB Pebble Blue is supposed to arrive in early June and the 32GB version won’t be available till late June.

As to pricing, they start at $47 per month and go as high as $64 per month. Hit the source link for more info.




Halfbrick celebrates two years of Fruit Ninja with impressive stats


Australian developer Halfbrick is celebrating two years of Fruit Ninja today and has some pretty admirable figures to share with everyone.  As of today there have been more than 300 million Fruit Ninja players around the world who have logge more than 1.5 trillion (with a ‘T”) pieces of fruit chopped.

When it comes to slicing more than one piece at a time, users have tallied more than 50 billion combinations! If these numbers sound there’s a lot of Fruit Ninja action happening every moment, you’d be right.  According to Halfbrick, there is more than 100 years worth of time spent playing Fruit Ninja…every single 24 period.

How much of this blame falls at your feet?  Are you a Fruit Ninja junkie? What!? You’ve never even tried it?

Halfbrick celebrates two years of Fruit Ninja with impressive stats originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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NFC contactless payment system coming to the UK Post Office June 6

The UK Post Office is going to rollout contactless payment technology on June 6. The overall plan is to hit 11,500 branches, but initially the focus will be on 200 branches near the Olympic Games venues in London. By October all 11,500 branches should be onboard, which will make the UK Post Office the biggest user of contactless payment technology in Europe.

MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave cards will be supported as well as Near Field Communication (NFC). Phones equipped with NFC can pay transactions up to £20. Unfortunately Google Wallet isn’t available in the UK, but there are many Android phones that have NFC like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X that will be able to utilize the service.

UK’s adoption of mobile payments has been slow at best, but with 11,500 branches onboard with NFC, this just might be the jumpstart needed to get things going. I wonder if Google will launch Google Wallet in time for the Olympics?

source: theverge




Sprint EVO 4G LTE goes on sale Saturday June 2 for $199

Sprint EVO 4G LTE goes on sale Saturday June 2 for $199

Sprint has finally nailed down the general availability for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, on the new official release date is June 2, 2012. Sprint had originally planned to begin selling the EVO 4G LTE on May 18, but a hold-up in U.S. customs over a patent dispute with Apple kept the phone off the shelves and out of your hands.

With the patent issue now settled and U.S. Customs releasing the shipments from lock-up, Sprint is now free to sell its new flagship phone. According to an announcement made today, “most retail channels” will have the EVO 4G LTE in stock. That includes Sprint corporate stores, authorized resellers,, and 1-800-SPRINT1. Supply will vary by location, so now might be a good time to butter up your local Sprint salesman or make plans to arrive at the store early on Saturday just in case.

Customers who pre-ordered the EVO 4G LTE and didn’t cancel the reservation were rewarded earlier this week when phones began arriving to those patient users. All others will be able to pick up the latest EVO on Saturday.

P.S. As a general reminder, please note that the EVO 4G LTE is launching sans-LTE, so you’ll be stuck on 3G until Sprint rolls-out coverage to your area. There’s no telling when or if that will be, so be sure to consider Sprint LTE availability when making your purchase.


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ASUS Teases Dual-Booting Android / Windows 8 Tablet for Computex [Video]

A couple days ago ASUS aired a teaser video for an announcements they plan to make at this year’s Computex. Simply calling it their “Next Transformations,” the original teaser video showed us an outline of what appeared to be a new entry in their line of Transformer Tab tablets and keyboard docks. Today, ASUS adds to the excitement by unveiling two more teaser videos, both of which help put the pieces together a little more.

In the first video you will see a series of water drops that eventually converge into one. What’s cool is that in the last sequence of the video one of the larger drops breaks apart to reveal both the Android and the Windows 8 logo separately. Clearly this means that the “Next Transformation” will actually be a dual booting tablet.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The second video isn’t as informative but more or less reiterates how two separate items can work well in conjunction when manipulated right. The words “tai” and “chi” spin around on a board until it spins fast enough to spell the word taichi. Clever, ASUS.

Click here to view the embedded video.

So there you have it. ASUS clearly has a dual booting Windows 8/Android tablet up their sleeve and plans to make a full reveal in only a few days during Computex 2012. ASUS is set to take the stage on June 4th so we should know everything about the kit very soon.

So, what are your thoughts on a dual booting tablet? Could any of you Android fanatics use a little Windows 8 in your life?

source: Android and Me 


Further confirmation shows the Galaxy S III arriving in the US on June 20th

We already reported that there is a good possibility that T-Mobile might have the Samsung Galaxy S III in stores on June 20, and we just received further confirmation. During a live stream of the Vodafone GSIII launch in Australia, June 20th was mentioned as the “first stop in its nationwide US tour in New York.” Not sure why New York would specifically be mentioned other than it could mean that it will get unveiled on that date in NYC (and not officially released).

With Canada also getting the GSIII on the same day, it looks like it could be a special day for all of North America especially if the U.S. version gets 2GB of RAM just like our friends up North are getting.

source: phandroid