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CyberStalking program at AALS

I was excited to get an announcement from the Section on Women in Legal Education announcing a couple of programs they are sponsoring at AALS. The one that really got me going is the program on CyberStalking, which OOTJ readers may have seen me blogging about here and here and here before.

Saturday, Jan. 9, 8:30–10:15 am: The First Amendment Meets Cyber-Stalking Meets Character and Fitness

Cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment have made their way to the legal academy. Some scholars say that on-line attacks constitute protected free speech. Other scholars say that this conduct is tortious and raises serious equality and civil rights concerns since internet stalking is often directed at women and minorities. But what about the character and fitness requirements that law students sitting for the bar must satisfy? Do law students who engage in harassment, smearing, and other such conduct (on Facebook, blogs, “Above the Law,” etc.) raise fitness and professionalism issues? Is there a problem with law students using websites to make outrageous gender- or race-specific comments (often about other students or faculty members)? (See


>) Is this conduct beyond question as free speech or does this conduct raise character and fitness issues that law schools must address? Does the fact that it is technologically difficult to identify all posters impact the calculus?


Deborah L. Rhode, Stanford Law School

Jack M. Balkin, Yale Law School

Brad Wendel, Cornell University School of Law

Danielle Citron, University of Maryland School of Law

Moderator: Elizabeth Nowicki, Boston Univ. School of Law, Tulane Law School,

I am thrilled that the AALS program is taking this issue seriously!


Predator – 9

Director – John McTiernan

Cast – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrio, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chavez, R. G. Armstrong, Shane Black, Kevin Peter Hall

Release Year – 1987

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I can honestly say that monster/creature/alien films are my favorite horror films simply because of the impact they had on me as a child and as I was growing up. Thanks to the popularity and success of the Alien and Predator franchises, I was not only scared out of my mind when the films played on television, but I also had no trouble finding the Alien and Predator action figures at stores. Already a household name thanks to his films Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, and Commando, Arnold “GET IN THA CHOPPA!“ Schwarzenegger brought his classic one-liners and 5 time Mr. Universe and 7 time Mr. Olympia winning body to the horror genre and gave us one of the most memorable and respected creature films of all time.

This film follows Dutch(Arnold Schwarzenegger) as he leads his team of special forces operatives on a rescue mission to the jungles of Central America. The objective is to bring back a Cabinet Minister and his men who’s chopper was shot down over the jungle. Due to the politics involved, a CIA agent and old friend of Dutch’s named Dillon(Carl Weathers) accompanies the operatives on the mission and he himself plans on getting revenge on the supposed guerillas who shot down the chopper. Unfortunately for Dutch and his team, their troubles only begin after they take out the guerillas and leave themselves with an enemy much harder to kill…and harder to see. This virtually invisible “predator” is out to kill for the fun of it; stalking it’s prey, brutally killing it, and keeping “trophies” to savor the experience.

I really dig the plot of this film and how it turns the “hunters” into the “hunted”. I know we see this from time to time involving wild animals hunting down people, but with this film we get a very sophisticated hunter capable of invisibility and relying on heat vision to locate it’s targets. The fact that this truly seems like a game to the “predator” intrigues me and is quite horrific if you think about it. The reasoning behind these actions and why the “predator” was sent to Earth is never explained in the film and I really dig that. It only adds to the creepiness. Although 17 years later the pseudo-sequel “Alien vs. Predator” explained why the predators are sent to Earth. Interesting stuff.

The intricate jungle atmosphere is perfect for this type of “cat and mouse” game and is a big reason why the soldiers were at a disadvantage and never got a good look at what was killing them off. The creature’s partial invisibility was key to it’s survival because why on earth would the soldiers be looking for an invisible opponent? It sure would have helped them, but in their situation it would not have been probable to think that. They wasted their time thinking it was a group of highly trained guerillas killing them off and never thought to look up into the trees at the sadistic hunter savoring his next kill.

The first half of the film comes off as an action flick. Aside from a few skinned bodies being found hung upside down and some POV shots from the creature’s heat vision we get no strong elements of horror and instead witness lots of gunfire and explosions, which I of course enjoyed. Hehe. This was no surprise to me given director John McTiernan obviously favors action in his films. After Predator(his second film) he went on to direct Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, Last Action Hero, and Die Hard: With A Vengeance, get what I’m saying? The second half of the film is where the “predator” action kicks in although much of the action is his pseudo-invisible self with short blips where it wears off and we get glances at his true identity. Freaky stuff! The gore in this film is pretty sweet for a big time feature film. We get some severed arms, guts laying about, bullet riddled bodies, skinned bodies, and even a sweet scene of the predator ripping out a person’s spine and skull from their body. :huge smile: Predator also marks the acting career of former professional wrestler, Navy SEAL, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura. I personally wished we would have seen more of him in this film, but I guess his non-acting experience(although being a professional wrestler…he should already be a pro at acting right?) limited his screen time.

Now onto the main characters of the film…the OTHER actor that went on to become a Governor(Schwarzenegger) and the focus of the film…“Predator“. I felt that Arnold did a pretty good job with this role and contrasted the “Predator” character pretty well. Arnold of course plays…well…“Arnold” but still, I enjoyed him in this. As you can imagine…there is an epic final battle between the two at the climax of the film. Arnold is still in top shape and pretty big, which plays well with his final battle with the creature given the creature himself is pretty big too. How big? Well…the actor who plays the creature(the late Kevin Peter Hall) is 7 feet 2 inches! The overall look of the “predator” with his mask and body ornaments is freakin awesome and very original. My favorite and what I feel to be the BEST scene in this film is when we finally see the “predator” take off his mask and go one on one with Arnold‘s character. As if the “predator” didn’t look scary enough he sure as heck got scarier with his mask off.

There is really nothing I really did not enjoy about this film and my only knock against it would have to be the pacing. It takes quite a while to get to the “Predator” carnage and even when the creature gets on screen I felt we didn’t see enough of it. I will admit that the creature being kept from us so much helped build up the epicness of the final battle but I feel this film in it’s entirety would have benefited from more creature action.

Overall, this is an excellent film and brings us one of the most well known creatures in the horror genre as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger in what is basically his only true horror film.

Rating: 9/10


dangers of the Lost City trek, Columbia

Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) in Columbia is one of our best hikes in South America.

It’s fantastic. But safety concerns have stopped many over the years from traveling to Columbia. And stopped others from doing the trek.

Bt82 joined a group of 11 hikers to do it in the Fall of 2009. No problema. Everything went great.

… Everything went great until the post-hike celebration. That evening was a disaster.

Tricked into a meal at an expensive restaurant. Porn movies and strippers at the bar. Prostitutes. One hiker caught with Marijuana. Police demanding a $1000 bribe.


Click through to TravelPod to read the sorry details – Ciudad Perdida

Or our besthike Lost City trek information page.


Crysis: First Impressions

After a short battle with the game options menu and a number of crashes, Crysis quickly showed me its true face. And it was dynamically lit, photorealistically textured and animated, motion blurred and breakable all in a highly detailed, recognisable environment surrounded by a cozy, shallow depth of field, powered up to having maximum armour by default.

Are these just gimmicks? Well, yes, but we only label them as such if they don’t please us. And Crysis pleases me. A lot.

Carelessly parked trucks lead to beautiful screenies.

The bump-mapped pores and texture on the rock look perfect.

The North Korean's animation is subtle but entirely convincing.

Still, EA no longer support this so it seems I’ll have to live with seemingly random startup and regular options menu crashes. Disappointing.


Toddler Jungle Moc Shoe by Merrell


The Jungle Kid

By Monica Patel

Tall Trees hover over hungry predators

In constant search for food.

You can hear the rumble in the heart of the jungle.

Lions and Tigers attacking their prey,

Flesh and blood just perishes away.

This is a place, spontaneous and rare,

A place where truth is shunned,

And armored with Dare.

In the midst of the chaos, the jungle gives birth to a passionate soul-

The Jungle Kid.

The jungle kid you see

Has found a place in her habitat where she can be free.

She swings on the branches and dances to the rain music that plays,

Ignites her own fire,

In substitute for the absent sunrays.

She’s not equipped with weapons and swords to fight

But strapped with compassion and courageous might.

Her laughter overpowers the loud roars

Her peaceful stroll kills the chase,

The tempers rise of the starving animals

While she smiles, remains full of grace.

She is unstoppable, and will not be defeated

It’s the survival of the fittest,

In which case, The Jungle kid has clearly succeeded.


The future of brain-controlled devices

Researchers already use brain-computer interfaces to aid the disabled, treat diseases like Parkinson’s and provide therapy for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. And there’s much more to come.


Google Nexus phone to debut Tuesday?

Google’s much-anticipated new phone, the HTC-designed Nexus One, could make its debut next week.


Blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve

It happens only once in a blue moon — and scientists say a blue moon is exactly what we’ll see in the skies this New Year’s Eve.


Iran’s online protest faces more savvy regime

It was called the “Twitter Revolution” — the mass street protests following Iran’s questionable June elections that were beamed to the world via social media and other online tools despite the government’s media blackout.