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Foul Play Vol 2 – Dubbing You [1992]

End of 1992, the chipmunks were moving in and the basslines were rinsing out. Foul Play released a landmark EP titled Foul Play Vol 2. Instantly finding itself joining The Terminator as some of the pioneering sounds of the Jungle Tekno movement that would later explode into the diverse Drum & Bass genre. There’s still the vocals and the uplift found in so many of the 1992 hardcore tunes but with that trademark Foul Play darker edge..

Classic crossover track.



En die ene moment in het duister was van hen, en van hen alleen. In die korte periode waren ze waarlijk vrij, en gaf hij haar een kans even uit de wereld te ontsnappen..”

Sommige dingen zijn nu eenmaal niet bedoeld om algemeen geweten te zijn. Zo weet niemand onder u waarover bovenstaand tekstje gaat. Maar niet getreurd! Klokky laat uw hand immers nooit los, terwijl hij u door de literaire jungle leidt…

Coca-cola-(19)Coca Cola is het perfecte voorbeeld! Begonnen als hoestsiroop, vandaag de dag numero uno in het titanenaanbod aan Suikerdranken! Hoe is dit mogelijk?! Is Coca Cola waarlijk afkomstig uit Atlantis? Is het waar dat zelfs Jezus deze drank tijdens het Laatste Avondmaal dronk? Of is dit brouwsel dan toch gevonden in de (al een tijdje dichtgemetselde) privékelder van Margriet Hermans..

Wat het antwoord ook moge zijn, de magie rond deze bruine toverdrank is hoogstwaarschijnlijk veel meer waard. Wie wil immers horen dat de unieke smaak van Coca Cola te wijten is aan een overdosis Z103#B ? Het antwoord is vanzelfsprekend..

Beste lezer, dit is het soort blogs dat verschijnt wanneer u een flesje Cola uit de ijskast neemt, het topje opendraait en die eerste verfrissende teug geniet, terwijl Vitaya een film uitzendt over dansende vrouwen in hun midlifecrisis. Zoals ik al zei: ‘sommige dingen zullen altijd een mysterie blijven..’

Een welgemeende smakzoen!


Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows

Taken from Origin Unknown – The Touch / Valley Of The Shadows released 1993 on RAM records

Produced by Andrew John Clarke (andy C) & Anthony David Miles

Had to post this one first, so many memories! – 31 seconds… )



Q Project – Champion sound (The Alliance remix)

Taken Legend Records 1993 Release Q Project – Return Of Q Project (Alliance Remixes)

If you like your tunes on the dark side, then this classic is right up there with the best.

x 5r


October ’09 Releases from Alpha Video

Order now at! October ‘09 Releases from Alpha Video Originally posted at blogcritic


Naptha vs. Grievous Angel – Soundclash 1 VIP

Awesome Jungle classic re-rubbed in a two step stylee for 2009….

Out today on Blackdown’s Keysound Records…


Crucial X Enchilada Especial 28.OCT/2009

Spacefunk and Parallax – Crucial X Enchilada Especial (live on

Recorded live on 2009-10-28 22:08:20 – (112.5 MB)

Description: ::

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01 – Bcee – Heartache (feat Ad-Apt)
02 – Kasra/Sabre – Designated
03 – EBK – Soma
04 – Menace – Thinking Aloud
05 – Material – Just Another Day
06 – Serum/Bladerunner – Chalice
07 – Kjell – Black Lodge
08 – Spectrasoul – Insignia
09 – Kubiks & Zetek – Wake Up Call
10 – Roots Manuva/Breakage – Run Em Out
11 – Livewire – Lets Roll (feat SC)
12 – Inside Info – Sound was Golden
13 – Nu Tone – Troopers
14 – Kubiks/Calculon – Android on Steroids
15 – Hyper Hypa/Gappa G – Information Centre
16 – Kubiks – Gas Mask
17 – Lomax – Bad Cop
18 – Derrick/Tonika – Master Step
19 – Makoto/Deeizm – Untold
20 – S13 – Telescope
21 – Spirit – Subterranean
22 – Raiden – M82
23 – Spor – Some Other Funk
24 – Brookes Brothers – Crackdown (ShockOne Remix)
25 – Krot/Hightech – Bunker
26 – Future Signal – Kill Switch
27 – Marcus Intalex/ST Files – Universe
28 – Lomax – Mercia
29 – Alix Perez – Voices
30 – Basswerk Files/ER IC/Squash – Intentions
31 – Jazz Thieves – Midnight Hour
32 – Kenei – Innocence
33 – Mutt – Conversations (feat Kevin King)
34 – Calibre – Thoughtless
35 – Maurs/Arp XP – Room 23
36 – Eros/Surak – End of Time
37 – Spinor – Mulloch
38 – A-Sides/Deeizm – Just Be


High Heels in the Jungle

I dream about wearing classy boots with a cute pea coat, hot stilettos with a mini skirt, or peep toe heels with a little black dress.  I fantasize about slipping into a classy pair of heels, putting on some bright red lipstick, and slipping out the door for a night on the town.

41TIsgrXZlL._SS400_Unfortunately, dreams of fancy heels and cute dresses are lost in the mud that surrounds me.  I live in the jungle, and even though I might love dressing up and sipping martinis, the reality of my current life involves flip flops, lots of sweat, and a simple summer dress or cut offs.  There are small things I can do to make myself feel more beautiful, like wearing a pair of cute earrings or throwing on some mascara, but the reality is that I’m pretty much a wreck (and a very sweaty wreck at that) most of the time.  I wonder if I’m cut out to live like this much longer, but I also wonder at what point did I turn into such a cosmopolitan girl?


God I love peep toes

As a girl, I was a total tomboy who never even brushed my hair and preferred my red rubber farm boots and playing with the goats to tea parties or dress up.  In college, my uniform usually consisted of sweat pants and a tank top I’d throw on after cross country practice and I don’t even think I knew how to use mascara or owned a pair of heels.  Yet while I was in Mexico City busy attending fancy art openings and parties, I suddenly became a glamor girl, or at least a wanna be glamor girl.  Like a little girl trying on her mom’s lipstick for the first time, I was magically enamored with buying fashion magazines, trying out new makeup, and, of course, waltzing about the house in high heels while I cooked dinner.

Lagunita-Palofitas-Casa 021

Not meant for heels

Before I knew it, I was on a plane headed south (way south) of the border and living in the jungle.  While my current surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, you can’t exactly walk around here in heels.  I’ll just have to wait for Christmas to do that again.  In the meantime. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time shoe shopping online and planning outfits for my return.  I’m thinking classy leather boots, a black blazer, and my silver pashmina.  Can’t wait for New York City.


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High-tech gizmos for Halloween

From a pair of hydraulic-powered aluminum wings to a camera-and-LCD-screen getup that makes it look like you’ve got a gaping hole in your belly, here are 5 high-tech costumes and gadgets that pack Halloween thrills.