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Have You Heard The Story of Chrome and Veronica? You Should. What Do You Think?

Chrome and Rebecca live in a large house with money stuffed under Rebecca’s side of the mattress. She is involved in dirty money, but she didn’t know how badly it would come to haunt her and her seemingly perfect life with Chrome.


Side drives a motorcycle and lives a different life than Chrome, the investment banker for Swiss bank accounts. He lives on a different edge, hanging dirty laundry in the air we all think is clean.

Side smiles. Chrome looks with unease as he sees Rebecca change.

Rebecca stands from the stairs, “you don’t know me, Chrome.” She says. Then she goes and dyes her hair blond from dark brunette. Being Latino this is drastic. She comes down the stairs in a black suite smoking a slim cigarette, a Capri, “ciao Chrome,” she says as she walks out the door.

A young lad from G.B. waits patiently on his chair, waiting to hear from Veronica. He grows impatient and intense. Soon he calls his friends.  A war now has begun between him, his friends and Veronica. But who is she?


Chrome meets Veronica. He spots her at the bank one day. He rolls down his window, and gives it his life. She takes it, and they run off together into the jungle. They make passionate love under a waterfall; Veronica’s innocence was stripped away, at that moment, from men full of hating.

Veronica passed Rebecca on the streets of Manhattan, and they look at each other. They each envy the other.

The interesting fact is they were each other, they were one in a twisted world where pounding on a mirror was normal, and backwards.



A new face sweeps into Japan’s government

Saying he hoped the decisive electoral win by his Democratic Party of Japan would be “for the people of Japan,” Yukio Hatoyama leads an historic vote, sweeping aside decades of rule by the Liberal Democratic Party.


UK minister: No deal on Lockerbie bomber

British Justice Minister Jack Straw confirmed Sunday that he had tried — and failed — to keep the Lockerbie bomber out of an agreement to send Libyan convicts back to the north African nation to serve their sentences there.


Attack on Pakistan police station kills 18

At least 12 officers were killed Sunday in a suicide attack at the main police station in Mingora in Pakistan’s northwest, officials said.


Dalai Lama arrives in Taiwan

The Dalai Lama left for Taiwan on Sunday for a trip that will include praying for victims of Typhoon Morakot.


Kennedy laid to rest in Arlington cemetery

U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy has been laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. At the funeral in Boston on Saturday morning, U.S. President Barack Obama eulogized him as “a champion for those who had none.”


E-mails show kidnap victim was working

CNN has obtained e-mails written by the woman who police say was kidnapped and held captive in California. The e-mails to clients of a printing company owned by kidnap suspect Phillip Garrido were sent by “Allissa,” who authorities say was really Jaycee Dugard, taken from her home 18 years ago.


Apple to launch iPhone in China

Read full story for latest details.


California wildfire spreads, threatens homes

After injuring three people, a fierce wildfire put more at risk Sunday as it headed toward a small community, officials said.


Adopted teen finds his roots in China

His father and uncle fall to the ground, crying uncontrollably. After eleven years of not knowing, relief of finding a child they thought had been lost forever pours out of them.