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Getting Tough for Library Students

After I looked over the post yesterday, I realized that it focused entirely on networking for law students. What, you may well ask, about library students? Well, there are lots of networking opportunities there, too. Librarians are nothing if not collegial! Law librarians have national, regional and occasionally, city organizations. Here is a set of links and a bit of info on those groups:

AALL, the American Association of Law Libraries (at, is the national organization in the U.S. It was founded in 1906 and currently has over 5,000 members, including a number outside of the United States. Student dues are $54 annually, but are pro-rated, so it depends on the time of year you join how much it costs (see here). They also have a deal for unemployed members (note: when I visited, the form was damaged and would not load — I hope it’s repaired soon!). For all but director’s positions, the main hiring for law librarians is done at AALL’s annual meeting, usually held in July these days — check the website for info on the place and time for the next annual meeting. You do not have to register for the meeting to go to the placement portion and put your resume into the files or get interviewed. However, it is a very good opportunity to network. It does cost a good bit these days, but you can register for less than the whole program, and can now choose to skip the expensive meal and social functions and save money there. A lot of networking gets done in the hallways, if you will introduce yourself to people and have your business cards ready.

A much less expensive alternative to the national meeting is to attend a regional meeting. These cost less and usually are held in less expensive places. They are also less crowded and overwhelming. You can still meet a lot of people, and hear a lot about the hot topics in the profession. As time goes along, there is more hiring that goes on outside of the annual meeting as well. If you watch the AALL website for openings, and the listserves (more on this below) — which tend to be faster sources of news than the website, you can hear of openings way before the annual meeting. A lot of libraries would be happy to interview somebody local or a cheap trip away to fill a slot rather than wait for the annual meeting, if they get an interesting resume. Even if you aren’t able to get interviews through the regional meetings, the networking is still very important. The world of law librarianship is surprisingly small, especially if you are looking for a law school library job. We all tend to know one another and talk to each other. It’s good to be known if you make a good impression! Start networking before you are looking for the job.

All year round, the AALL website hosts a Job Hotline here. It sounds great, and I think it’s always worth watching if you are looking for work. But frankly, it’s not the best or fastest way to hear about a job. Here and here are lists of other job posting sites. And, AALL has a listserve that you can join. A listserve, most OOTJ readers probably know, is a sort of e-mail subscription. You sign up and read all the e-mails from all the members. It makes a giant conversation among all the participants. You don’t have to “talk,” and can just listen or “lurk.” The listserves are often the best places to pick up job openings very early. The biggest listserve is Lawlib, info here. But there are also listserves for the various regional chapters that may be even better resources for job listings.

Regional Chapters of AALL are scattered across the country. Check here for a list of links to the websites of the regional chapters. Some regionals cover a huge space, like the Mid-American Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) which covers nine mid-western states from North Dakota south to Oklahoma and Arkansas and east as far as Illinois. Other “regionals” only cover a state, like Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL) or Michigan Association of Law Libraries (MichALL) or Arizona Association of Law Libraries (AzALL). Others are narrower, such as Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NoCaLL) or Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association (WPLLA).

And a handful are city-specific:
Atlanta Law Libraries Association
Chicago Association of Law Libraries
Dallas Association of Law Libraries
Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association
Houston Area Law Librarians
Law Library Association of Greater New York
Law Librarians Society of Washington, D.C.
New Orleans Association of Law Libraries
San Diego Association of Law Libraries

If you look at the website for any of these regional associations, you’ll find they offer a lower membership rate for students. And then, there are a very few associations of law librarians that are not affiliated with AALL. I know of the one local to me, Association of Boston Law Librarians. Again, a special rate for students, and, I happen to know, they also offer 2 “fellowships” for students who can’t afford the fee. Many of the above organizations also have grants you can apply for as well, to assist members to attend the annual meetings. One last added benefit of AALL membership is that they offer small scholarships to law and library school students. All of these are great ways to meet law librarians in your area. They are friendly folks who understand how tough it is to get started in a new profession. Introduce yourself as a newbie. Do bring business cards. And don’t be shy!


King of the Jungle

Golden rays of the sun rising over the Savanna,
Rolling plains of green, trees filled with heavenly manna,
Animals and birds, big and small congregate at the waterhole,
The strong quench their thirst, whilst the weak die and fall,
Stampeding black and white, zebras colour blind,
Moving pieces of dinner in the carnivorous mind,
Giraffes, sickly spotted and annoyingly tall,
But the bigger they are the harder they fall,
The thieving hyena fights with the eerie vulture,
The prized dead meat staple diet in both their culture,
Cheetahs may be fast with enormous pace,
Yet the slow and steady always win the race,
The lionesses and the cubs, lazing in the shade,
Waiting for the sun to set and the heat to fade,
Majestically perched on my rock, looking down,
King of all I see, wearing my royal mane crown.

Copyright © 2009 by Niro N


Just because…

I felt like posting some pictures of some of my favorite little Peruvian jungle boys.  (If you’re wondering, yes I do post about other things, but since I’m going to be there in APRIL, I can hardly think of anything else!)

SAULO.  Doesn't he look so...jungle?

SAULO. Doesn't he look so…jungle?



Beken with a hand-made wooden airplane.  The kids all drew names for Christmas, and had to hand-make a gift for whoever they drew.  (P.S.-Yes, they all swim in their underwear.)

Beken with a hand-made wooden airplane. The kids all drew names for Christmas, and had to hand-make a gift for whoever they drew. (P.S.-Yes, they all swim in their underwear.)



munching on something.

Mansur doing what he does: munching on something. (PHOTO COURTESY OF BRITNEY ALMAGUER)


Adolfo, Domino, Mario.

Adolfo, Domino, Mario. Can you guess which ones are brothers?


Geirlerson and Antonio.

Geirlerson and Antonio. I love this picture because it shows the relationship between the older boys and the younger boys. P.S.–If you ever get down there, don't let Antonio fool you. He's not as cool as he thinks he is.


It’s a jungle out there…


Us furtivity types are always up for a bit of a park party, especially when dub, dnb and jungle are on the menu.

So it was that we spied a brief note that some folks – not dss for once – were bringing their system down to a certain leafy green spot known to many.

Not sure who played or anything. We showed up around 4.30pm to the sounds of dub and left as the dnb and jungle was cranking. Mad system too – punching above its weight very nicely… yay the free party massive.

p3290414 p3290419



Walking in the tree tops

A good mate from work (Duy Dong) and I went for a nice 10km stroll through Macritchie reservoir. There’s a precarious looking walkway among the treetops, similar to the Tahune Airwalk in Tasmania.

We saw a bunch of children monkeying around

For lunch, we replaced all the salt we had sweated out with a good load of nasi briyani (Indian fried rice and curry).


8 dead in North Carolina nursing home rampage

Seven patients and a nurse in an elderly care facility in the U.S. state of North Carolina have been killed after a gunman opened fire, police said. Police shot the gunman during the attack, and his condition “is currently unknown,” police said. The oldest victim killed was 98.


Obama: U.S. prepared to hit targets in Pakistan

President Obama said Sunday that his administration remains prepared to order strikes against “high-value” targets within Pakistan.


Judge accuses Bush officials over torture

A senior Spanish judge has ordered prosecutors to investigate whether key Bush aides should be charged with crimes over the Guantanamo Bay detention center, a lawyer said Sunday. Former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and five others are accused of creating a system that led to torture.


Reports: Cyberspy network exposed in China

Nearly 1,300 computers in more than 100 countries have been attacked and have become part of an computer espionage network apparently based in China, security experts alleged in two reports Sunday.


Fargo stays on alert as flood threat drops

While the Red River level appeared to be dropping early Sunday, Fargo, North Dakota, officials said they were still holding their collective breath.