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Sign of the Times?

Evan R. Chesler, presiding partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, believes that “This is the time to get rid of the billable hour,” according to an article in today’s New York Times. Because of the economic downturn, some budget-conscious clients have persuaded firms to move away from the iconic billable hour in favor of “flat fees for handling transactions and success fees for positive outcomes,


Screenshots! – Apocalypse Now

Sem palavras, o melhor filme sobre a guerra do Vietnã. Uma epopéia selvagem sem fim, com atuações brilhantes e fotografia perfeita. Merece um Screenshots!


Toddler Reading List – Jungle Animals

Every Friday I read picture books to toddlers at the local bookstore. Tomorrow’s theme is Jungle Animals and here’s what I’ll be reading:

Giraffes Can’t Dance - Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. Gerald the Giraffe is a little different on the dancefloor and the other animals tease him about it. Then he learns something new about music and he ends up charming the whole jungle. This “dance to your own tune” story has some amazing illustrations that really kickstart your imagination. Especially when “the lions danced a tango that was elegant and bold”.

The Escape of Marvin the Ape - Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner. Marvin escapes from the zoo into the urban jungle of New York. He loves it, although the cops are after him, but he manages to give them the slip. There is so much to look at in these illustrations, clouds in funny shapes, hidden cats in the shadows and of course a policeman and an ostrich somewhere on every page.

Over in the Jungle - Marianne Berkes and Jeanette Canyon. This sing-a-long book is full of actual jungle animals in their actual jungle settings. I wish it used photos though, rather than the crazy half sculpture half illustrations. But it’s always good to sing to toddlers.

Daft Bat - Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. Another story about how it’s ok to be different, those jungle animals are obviously the rebels of the animal kingdom. This time it’s a bat who sees things differently from the other young animals.  Plenty of opportunity here to use different animal voices and there’s even a part where the reader has to turn the book upside-down. One of my all time favourites.

Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell. Amazingly this little lift the flap book is celebrating a 25 year anniversary. It’s truly a timeless classic, a simple concept, simple illustrations and everyone can join in. All together now “I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet…”

I’ll be singing “Deep in the Jungle”, “Si Ma Ma Ka” (which is a Swahili children’s song about sit, stand and jump), and row row row your boat with the additional crocodile, polar bear and Lion. Poem wise it will be some short Gile Andreae poems, although I’m always tempted to read the Simon Armitage one about the giraffe as an unwanted gift. I’ll probably duck out though, it’s too melancholic for the under threes.

And speaking of poety. Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing the British poet Julia Bird about her new collection Hannah and the Monk and the links between handicrafts and poetry. See you then then.


RuMah p0hOn 5ukU KORowAi

SukU KORowAi aD4Lah sALah sAtU 5ukU Di PaPUa (iRian jAY4). MeReKA bERT3tANgGa LaNg5uNg dEnGan 5ukU asMat.

MeReKA tiNgGaL Di sEbELah utARa DAiRam KaBiuR. HaBitAt MeReKA DiBatASi oLEh DUa 5uNgAi bEsAR D4n GunUNg-GunUNg Di sEbELah utARa.


SukU KORowAi aD4Lah PemBuRu D4n PenGumPuL. HiDup MeReKA T3RGantUNg D4Ri BiNatANg BuRUan, yAitU BaBi HutAn, BuRuNg KA5UaRi, BuRuNg, uLaR, D4n sERaNgGa kECiL. SaYuR-sAYuRan juGa sAnGat PentiNg BaGi MeReKA. TeRutAMa D4Un-D4UNan PaLm, FeRn, BUah 5ukUn D4n BUah PanD4NaE MeRah.

SukU KoRowAi HiDup bERsAMa D4Lam kELUaRGa kECiL Di RuMah p0hOn. RuMah p0hOn iNi D4Pat MencapAi kEtiNgGian HiNgGa 50 MeT3R.

MeReKA MemBanGun RuMah p0hOn sEPeRti iNi H4nY4 JiKA aD4 DisPut dEnGan T3tANgGa, atAU JiKA MeReKA tiNgGaL Di D4ERah bERsET3Ru. RuMah p0hOn Y4Ng nORMaL tiNgGinY4 sEKitAR 6 sAmpAi 25 MeT3R.

KaUm PeRemPUan tiD4k PeRNah (DiLaRaNg) kELUaR D4Ri RuMah p0hOn. Dan KAUm LaKi-LaKi tiD4k PeRNah MeNiNgGaLKAn RuMah p0hOn tAnPa Bu5uR D4n PaNah.(VinKA)


welcome to the jungle

The hyenas have cornered a lion in the conference room.  Their snarls and snapping can be heard from the hallway.  The clan inches in, stealing nips from the old king’s flank.  Finally, the lion rears back and disables three of the aggressors with one arc of his massive paw.  A potted fern and the dry-erase board are destroyed.  The sniveling hyenas fall back, huddle under the conference table and prepare to regroup.  The lion uses the lull to lick his wounds.

I walk to the water cooler to refill my canteen.  The sheep scatter as I pass.  Half nibbled spreadsheets flutter in their wake.

By the copy machine a rattlesnake is coiled, tense but not set to strike.  I don’t stop when I say “good morning” knowing it’s only a matter of time.

Looks like the monkeys were loosed in the supply closet again.  Pens and paper clips litter the floor and the tape is all unspooled.  I take a ream of paper and head to my desk.

The intern is still human, I am glad to see, but he does need to shave.

Bats hang from my cubicle wall.  I join them, arms folded, and listen.


January 29

*I’m walking down a path – it is a lush garden area.  Ahead I see something move on the path, I’m walking with family.  The movement is a toad – it is red, with red eyes… the body is 3 feet long, 1.5 feet wide.  I know the name of it, it is native to the area we are walking in… giant *something* toad.  I stop our party from walking down the path… it is blocking the entire path and although I know it is harmless, I’d rather let it move off the path in another direction rather than us try and scoot around it.


Warhammer Challenge #7: High Elves

In a previous post I said I was having trouble coming up with original ideas for armies in warhammer fantasy. This got me to thinking that this would make a fun challenge as well as help to flesh out the fantasy section of my army list ideas in the blog. So here we go, in alphabetical order, warhammer fantasy armies ho!

I hate the freaking high elves. They’re all a bunch of nancy boys. So clean, so elegant, and so uppity. It’s time someone took them down a notch. So without further ado…

I immediately imagine a scenario in which the pretty boys find themselves isolated and unable to return home for their fourth bath of the day. And not just isolated anywhere, isolated in freakin Lustria. Yeah, that’ll show em. Bugs, dirt, leaves, dirt, malaria, and DIRT!

Now fast forward a year. After remembering what their bodies actually smell like after the perfume wore off in the first month, our poor subjects have begun to intermingle with the locals, and have grown accustomed to warfare in less civilized circumstances, in fact a rumble in the jungle.

This army would take it’s cues from the high elf models, but some carefully placed wood elf bits will really drive the theme home of a group far out of it’s element. Pure white robes are now tarnished to a light brown, and that’s the clean spots. The bottoms of their robes are dark brown, frayed, and stained. their helmets are scratched and dented from repeated use without repair.

The basing would provide another very strong cue, definitely in the area of isolation and distinctly not being placed in Kansas anymore.

But the best part is the fun you could have painting the faces, sunburned, deeply tanned, sunbleached hair, and dirty faces. Wild elves in a wild world. I just don’t know what they would do if they were ever found by a rescue ship… how do explain the tiki mask you’re wearing to your brothers in white?


Funky Takeover? by Mista Jam


With K.I.G Family’s “Head Shoulders Knees And Toes” getting signed to a major label All Around The World/Universal/Island and all of the other labels looking to sign underground hits such as Attacca Pesante’s “Make It Funky For Me” and Princess’ “Frontline”, it seems like the stage is set for funky to make a big dent in the pop charts in 2009.

Is this a good thing? On one hand it introduces a whole new audience to the genre and it could allow the artists that have been grafting away on the underground scene to finally get a proper pay cheque for the work they’ve put in. On the other hand, going ‘pop’ could commercialise and damage the scene forcing it to go back underground – similar to the mainstream’s infatuation in the past with Jungle, Garage and last year’s Bassline phenomenon.

What do you think – is Funky going to be big in 09 and if it is, will it be the end of Funky or just the beginning?

Taken from Mista Jam’s 1xtra blog


Scientists like Obama’s environmental plan

Environmentalists are encouraged by President Barack Obama’s focus this week on renewable energy and stricter emissions standards, although some economists are skeptical he can pull the country out of the recession while cleaning up the planet.


Scientists: Alaska volcano ‘more energetic’

Mount Redoubt, the Alaskan volcano expected to erupt at any time, is getting a bit more edgy.